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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-41.12: License to be evidenced by certificate; fees; persons not holding license within 5 years of application must pass examination

           A license issued under the provisions of this act shall be evidenced by a certificate issued by the board. A fee shall be paid to the board, at the date of application for license, as follows: For licensed ophthalmic dispensers, twenty-five dollars ($25.00), and fifteen dollars ($15.00) for annual renewal of any such license. For licensed ophthalmic technicians, fifteen dollars ($15.00), and ten dollars ($10.00) for annual renewal of any such license. Any person licensed by said board who shall fail to renew his license within six months after the date of its expiration and shall, thereafter, desire to renew such license, shall pay to the board fifteen dollars ($15.00) for such renewal; provided, before granting a license to any applicant who has not held a license issued by said board within five years of the date of application, said board shall require such applicant to pass a standard examination satisfactory to said board and to pay to the board the fee required of original applicants.

L.1952, c. 336, p. 1084, s. 12.

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