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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-68: Authority to require training of policemen prior to permanent appointment; exception.

a. Every municipality and county shall authorize attendance at an approved school by persons holding a probationary appointment as a police officer, and every municipality and county shall require that no person shall hereafter be given or accept a permanent appointment as a police officer unless such person has successfully completed a police training course at an approved school; provided, however, that the commission may, in its discretion, except from the requirements of this section any person who demonstrates to the commission's satisfaction that he has successfully completed a police training course conducted by any Federal, State or other public or private agency, the requirements of which are substantially equivalent to the requirements of this act.

b. A police officer who is terminated from an agency for reasons of economy or efficiency shall be granted an exemption or waiver from retaking the basic training course if, within five years from the date of termination, the police officer is appointed to a similar law enforcement position in another agency or is reemployed by the agency from which he was terminated.

L.1961, c.56, s.3; amended 1965, c.8, s.2; 1967, c.252, s.1; 1971, c.321, s.2; 2011, c.158.

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