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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-69.1: Enrollment in police training course for persons seeking probationary, temporary appointment.

2. a. A person who does not hold a probationary or temporary appointment as a police officer, but who is seeking such an appointment may enroll in a police training course provided that person:

(1) meets the general qualifications for a police officer set forth in N.J.S.40A:14-122 and such other qualifications as the commission may deem appropriate; and

(2) applies to and is accepted by a commission approved school for admission to a police training course.

The person may be charged a fee by the commission or approved school, as the case may be, not exceeding that which the commission approved school charges a governmental employer for the training of an employee holding a probationary or temporary appointment.

An appointing authority may, at its discretion, reimburse a person who has completed a police training course pursuant to this section for all or part of the costs of training.

b. The commission, in accordance with the provisions of the "Administrative Procedure Act," P.L.1968, c.410 (C.52:14B-1 et seq.), shall promulgate rules and regulations to effectuate the purposes of this section.


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