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    Chapter 17B: Establishment of department; "the department" defined

      Section: 52:17B-77.16: Report of incident of completed suicide by a law enforcement officer.

          2. a. The chief law enforcement officer or the chief law enforcement officer's designee of each State, county, and municipal law enforcement agency and campus police department at an institution of higher education that appoints law enforcement officers pursuant to P.L.1970, c.211 (C.18A:6-4.2 et seq.) shall report within a reasonable time to the Office of the Attorney General, in a manner prescribed by the Attorney General, any incident of a completed suicide by a law enforcement officer employed by their respective agency or department. The report shall include:

(1) the month and year during which the law enforcement officer's death occurred;

(2) the law enforcement officer's age, salary, and length of service with the law enforcement agency at the time of the officer's death;

(3) the race and gender of the law enforcement officer;

(4) any known facts pertaining to the cause or method of suicide; and

(5) the veteran status and level of education of the law enforcement officer;

b. The report required pursuant to subsection a. of this section shall not identify the law enforcement officer by name or date of birth.

c. The Attorney General shall aggregate the data provided pursuant to subsection a. of this section, which aggregated data shall be made publicly available for use in suicide prevention and intervention studies.

d. The reporting of a suicide pursuant to this section shall not replace or alter any other requirement of law, professional standard, or obligation that requires the law enforcemnt agency to evaluate a death or report a suicide.

L.2019, c.368, s.2.

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