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    Chapter 9Q: Creation

      Section: 52:9Q-17: Capital City Renaissance Plan

           a. Within one year after the date of its first organizational meeting, the board shall adopt a 20-year Capital City Renaissance Plan. The plan may be revised from time to time as may be necessary. The plan shall guide the use of lands within the district in a manner which promotes the economic vitality of the district and enhances the quality of the public environment. The plan shall comprise a report or statement presenting the following elements:

(1) A statement of objectives, principles, assumptions and policies upon which the constituent proposals for the physical, economic and social development of the district are based;

(2) A design plan element which contains an inventory and evaluation of buildings within the district which are of unique historic or architectural merit; streets, parks and public spaces; and any other relevant aspect of the public environment. The commission shall make specific recommendations for conserving and improving the public landscape, including streets, recreational facilities, and other public spaces and amenities;

(3) A cultural plan element which contains an inventory of the district's museums, theaters, parks, sports facilities and recommendations for the maintenance and enhancement of these facilities for the benefit of residents of the city, region and State;

(4) A transportation plan element which contains an inventory of facilities for all modes of transportation within the district, establishes the importance of the district transportation system in the regional context, sets forth a statement of objectives and principles regarding the transport of people and goods to and within the district and develops recommendations designed to improve the accessibility of the district to the rest of the city and the surrounding region;

(5) A land use plan element which incorporates recommendations contained in the other three elements; recommends appropriate future governmental and private land uses in specific areas; contains proposals for conservation, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of existing governmental and nongovernmental buildings; proposes strategies concerning conservation and improvement of the public environment, including streets, walkways, parks, and other public spaces; and sets forth proposals for the restoration and improvement of the historic areas, sites and structures; and

(6) A relocation plan element which includes an assessment of the displacement of households and businesses within the district that would result from the implementation of the plan, and a strategy for relocation of households to adequate and affordable housing units.

b. The plan shall be developed in consultation with the State Building Authority, the planning board of the city of Trenton, and the planning board of the county of Mercer. The corporation shall consider existing plans for areas included in the district in formulating its plan.

c. Prior to the adoption of the plan, the board shall provide a copy of the proposed plan to the planning boards of the city of Trenton and the county of Mercer and the State Building Authority and shall make copies available for public inspection and provide public notice of availability. Not less than 45 days after distribution of the plan to the planning boards and the State Building Authority, the board shall conduct public hearings on the plan and shall provide for a public comment period which shall extend at least 30 days after the final hearing.

d. Upon adoption of the plan, the planning board of the city of Trenton, the planning board of the county of Mercer, the State Building Authority, and any other governmental entities with plans affecting physical development within the district shall review and revise their plans to ensure that they are consistent with the Capital City Renaissance Plan. Any plan which affects the physical development of the district and is adopted by any governmental entity after the adoption of the Capital City Renaissance Plan shall be consistent with that plan.

L. 1987, c. 58, s. 9.

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