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    Chapter 9q: Creation

      Section: 52:9q-26: Annual report

           On or before February 1 of each year, the board shall make an annual report of its activities for the preceding calendar year to the Governor, the Legislature, and the governing body of the city of Trenton. The report shall include, but not be limited to, a description of all projects either planned, underway or completed by the corporation or financed by the corporation and the financial arrangements developed therefor. The report shall set forth relocations of households and businesses occurring in the past year as a result of implementation of the plan, and a description of the relocation assistance provided those households and businesses. The report shall contain an evaluation of the impact of the implementation of the plan on the availability of adequate and affordable housing units in the city. The report shall also set forth the goals, strategies and priorities governing the selection of projects it anticipates financing, supporting or undertaking; and the board shall annually review and evaluate the projects actually undertaken in light of the goals, strategies and priorities established therefor by the Capital City Renaissance Plan. The report shall set forth a complete operating and financial statement covering the operations of the corporation during the year.

L. 1987, c. 58, s. 18.

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