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New Jersey Statutes, Title: App.A, EMERGENCY AND TEMPORARY ACTS

    Chapter 10: Authority to accept, etc.; war and defense activities

      Section: App.A:10-2: Supplemental nature of powers conferred; competition with public utilities

           The powers conferred by this act shall be in addition and supplemental to the powers conferred by any other law, and shall not be subject to any limitation contained in any other law nor shall the limitations of this act affect the powers conferred by any other law; provided, however, that nothing contained in this act shall authorize any board, body, officer or agency of this State or of any county, municipality or school district thereof to engage in selling, furnishing or rendering to the public any commodity or service of the character sold, furnished or rendered by any public utility as defined in section 48:2-13 of the Revised Statutes.

L.1942, c. 226, p. 607, s. 2.

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