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Chapter: 1 - General rules of construction

1:1-1: General rules of construction

1:1-2: Words and phrases defined

1:1-2a: "Present war" and similar phrases

1:1-2b: "Blighted area" and "renewal area"

1:1-2.1: Seal; sealed

1:1-2.2: Surety; sureties

1:1-2.3: Time; standard time

1:1-2.5: Notice or communication required to be sent, taken, or transmitted out of United States; Acts of Congress to control

1:1-3: Effect of definitions on treaties, compacts, or agreements

1:1-3.1: Definition applicable to amendment of, or supplement to, statute

1:1-3.2: Repeal of repealing statute

1:1-3.3: Reference to revised statute

1:1-4: Construction as continuation of heretofore existing laws

1:1-5: Classification and arrangement; effect on construction

1:1-5.1: Citation of, pleading or otherwise referring to legislation contained in Revised Statutes or New Jersey Statutes

1:1-6: Outlines, analyses and headnotes not part of statutes

1:1-7: References to titles, subtitles, chapters, articles and sections

1:1-8: Inclusive references

1:1-9: References to repealed or superseded statutes

1:1-10: Partial unconstitutionality

1:1-11: Acts done, rights acquired, etc., under repealed acts not affected by repeal

1:1-12: Effect of enactment of Revised Statutes upon existing offices, etc., and the incumbents thereof

1:1-13: Existing boards, commissions and public bodies continued

1:1-13.1: Successors to members of existing boards; terms

1:1-14: Effect of Revised Statutes and acts hereafter passed upon actions or proceedings commenced prior to the effective date of such legislation

1:1-15: Offenses, liabilities, penalties and forfeitures committed or incurred under repealed acts not affected by such repeal

1:1-16: Effect of Revised Statutes on ordinances and resolutions adopted or enacted under authority of pre-existing laws

1:1-17: Revision or inclusion of referendum acts in Revised Statutes; effect

1:1-18: Corporations, associations or societies; effect of repealer on existence, etc., thereof

1:1-19: Corporations, associations or societies included in Revised Statutes

1:1-20: Public institutions and agencies; effect of repealer thereon

1:1-21: Construction and effect of statutes compiled or saved from repeal

1:1-22: Statutes which became effective before September 15, 1948 relating to courts or officers existing prior thereto; effect to be given to

1:1-23: Statutes containing references to proceedings under former prerogative writs

1:1-24: Statutes containing references to certain summary proceedings

1:1-25: Statutes containing references to "term of court"

1:1-26: Statutes containing references to rules

1:1-27: Effective date

1:1-28: Effect to be given certain statutory references upon taking effect of acts adopting new Titles 2A and 3A