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Chapter: 6 - Notice of application for passage in general; contents; publication

1:6-1: Notice of application for passage in general; contents; publication

1:6-3: Notice of application for passage of bill to repeal corporate charter; publication; service on corporation

1:6-4: Proof of publications of notices

1:6-5: Record of proof of publication of notices

1:6-6: Publication in pamphlet laws prima facie evidence of notice given

1:6-7: False swearing in making proofs of publications; perjury

1:6-8: Assessments on private, local and special acts; amount; time for payment; effect of nonpayment

1:6-9: Report by comptroller of laws on which assessments unpaid; proclamation by governor; effect

1:6-10: Petition for passage of private, special local law

1:6-11: Petition requesting filing of petition with Legislature

1:6-12: Adoption of resolution

1:6-13: Question placed on ballot

1:6-14: Adoption of resolution after favorable vote

1:6-15: Petition; publication of notice of intention

1:6-16: Filing of petition and resolution with bill

1:6-17: Law operative only after adoption

1:6-18: Submission of question of adoption

1:6-19: Question

1:6-20: Law operative upon adoption