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Title: 10 - CIVIL RIGHTS

Chapter: 4 - Legislative findings and declaration

Title: 10 - CIVIL RIGHTS

Chapter: 4 - "Senator Byron M. Baer Open Public Meetings Act."

10:4-6: "Senator Byron M. Baer Open Public Meetings Act."

10:4-7: Legislative findings and declaration

10:4-8: Definitions

10:4-9: Meeting of public body; adequate notice to public; necessity; exceptions

10:4-9.1: Electronic notice of meeting of public body; terms defined

10:4-9.2: Construction of act

10:4-9.3: Conduct of public meetings during periods of emergency.

10:4-10: Statement in minutes of meeting on adequate notice

10:4-11: Failure to invite portion of members to circumvent provisions of act; prohibition

10:4-12: Meetings open to public; exceptions.

10:4-13: Exclusion of public; resolution; adoption; contents

10:4-14: Minutes of meetings; availability to public

10:4-15: Proceeding in lieu of prerogative writ to void action at nonconforming meeting; parties; limitation; corrective or remedial action

10:4-16: Injunctive orders or other remedies to insure compliance

10:4-17: Penalty; enforcement

10:4-18: Schedule of regular meetings of public body; publicity; revision; procedure

10:4-19: Requests for notices of meetings; annual renewal

10:4-20: Severability

10:4-21: Liberal construction