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Chapter: 10 - Record of acts and proceedings; inspection

12:10-2: Record of acts and proceedings; inspection

12:10-3: Administering oaths; examination of witnesses; perjury

12:10-4: Office; performance of duties

12:10-5: Exclusive jurisdiction over surveys of damaged vessels and cargoes; sale of vessels

12:10-6: Examination of cargo of vessel; liability for damage to cargo

12:10-7: Examination of wrecked or damaged vessels; assistants; fees

12:10-8: Examination of damaged goods discharged by vessels

12:10-9: Certificates of record by warden; as evidence

12:10-10: Notice of examinations and surveys

12:10-11: Attendance of warden on sales of condemned vessels and damaged goods; notice and conduct of sales; commissions

12:10-12: Certificates of cause of damage and amount of sales

12:10-13: Fees of port warden

12:10-14: Violations; misdemeanor; additional penalty

12:10-15: Action to restrain violations