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Chapter: 11A - Legislative findings

12:11A-1: Legislative findings

12:11A-2: Short title

12:11A-3: Definitions

12:11A-4: Creation and boundaries of district

12:11A-5: "South Jersey Port Corporation," membership, compensation, vacancies.

12:11A-5.1: Transfer from department of environmental protection to department of labor and industry

12:11A-6: Powers of corporation

12:11A-7: Public highways; relocation; entry upon lands; regulations affecting public utilities

12:11A-8: Marine terminals

12:11A-9: Lease agreements with private marine terminals

12:11A-10: Municipal marine terminals; use by corporation

12:11A-11: Issuance of negotiable bonds or notes; interest; terms

12:11A-12: Payment of bonds and notes

12:11A-13: Reserve fund; deposits; investments

12:11A-14: Maximum debt service reserve; maintenance; valuation of investments

12:11A-15: Additional reserve funds

12:11A-16: Bonds or notes not debt or liability of state

12:11A-17: Agreement by state not to limit or restrict rights vested in corporation

12:11A-18: Bonds of corporation as legal investments

12:11A-19: Rents, tolls and fees for use of marine terminal; collection; contracts

12:11A-20: Exemption from taxation; tax payment; tax reserve fund; property tax reserve

12:11A-21: Lease agreement with private marine terminal operator; maintenance and repair

12:11A-22: Annual report; audit; annual list of employees; public inspection of books; conflict of interest

12:11A-23: Powers deemed additional

12:11A-24: Preparation of final audit by South Jersey Port Commission; dissolution of commission; transfer of records to corporation; certification of indebtedne

12:11A-25: Reimbursement of State for sums paid in discharge of obligations

12:11A-26: Liberal construction

12:11A-27: Partial invalidity

12:11A-28: Transfer of rights, property and facilities of commission to corporation

12:11A-29: Inconsistent laws