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Chapter: 2 - Office; suboffices; meetings

12:2-6: Office; suboffices; meetings

12:2-7: Director; appointment; tie vote

12:2-8: Salary and term of director

12:2-9: Subdepartments; chiefs

12:2-10: Removal of director

12:2-11: Salaries of employees

12:2-12: Employees of abolished and consolidated boards and commissions; director may abolish positions

12:2-13: Transfer to board of rights, powers and duties exercised by certain boards and commissions

12:2-14: General control of commerce and navigation

12:2-15: Rules and regulations; records

12:2-15.1: Charges for berthing space or anchorage; disposition

12:2-17: General powers and duties of director

12:2-18: Entry upon and survey of lands and waterways by director

12:2-19: Oaths; examination of witnesses; subpoenas; penalty; perjury

12:2-20: Codification of laws of each division

12:2-21: Acquisition of land for New Jersey ship canal; donation to federal government

12:2-22: Preservation of Barnegat lighthouse