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Chapter: 3 - Commissioners to make survey and report as to riparian lands, etc.

12:3-1: Commissioners to make survey and report as to riparian lands, etc.

12:3-2: Establishment of exterior bulkhead and pier lines in tidewaters of Hudson river, New York bay and Kill von Kull

12:3-3: Filling in beyond bulkhead lines; erection of piers

12:3-4: Repeal of Wharf Act of 1851; reclaiming or building upon lands under tidewaters; consent of department; prior grants and licenses

12:3-5: Conveyances or leases to grantee or licensee under legislative act; amount of rental or purchase price; conversion of lease into conveyance; rights of

12:3-6: Payment of or security for purchase money or rentals for lands below high-water mark

12:3-7: Grant of riparian land not improved; notice to riparian owner.

12:3-7.1: Inability to give required notice; notice by publication; effect

12:3-8: Trespass on lands of state under water; proceedings by attorney general; expenses

12:3-9: Grant to person other than riparian owner; procedure

12:3-10: Lease or conveyance to riparian owner on application to board

12:3-11: Waters excluded

12:3-12: Covenants, clauses and conditions in grants or leases whether land under water or not.

12:3-12.1: Findings, declarations relative to conveyance of riparian lands.

12:3-12.2: Development of "Guide to the Tidelands."

12:3-12.3: Rules, regulations setting forth fees; minimum term of conveyance.

12:3-13: Change in pier lines or lines of solid filling; map and survey; basins

12:3-14: Encroachment prohibited

12:3-15: Lease or sale of basins; dedication as public basins

12:3-16: Fixing of purchase price or rentals for lands below high-water mark or formerly under tidewater; lease or conveyance.

12:3-18: Right of way separating riparian owner's lands from tidewater; effect on leases and grants

12:3-19: Establishment of bulkhead and pier lines around islands in tidewaters.

12:3-20: Sale or lease of riparian lands around islands, reefs or shoals.

12:3-21: Removal of sand and other material without license; penalty; exception

12:3-22: License to remove sand or other materials from lands under tidewaters.

12:3-23: Lease or grant to persons other than riparian owners; notice to riparian owners.

12:3-24: Sale or lease of lands below high-water mark; lease convertible into grant not required.

12:3-25: Renewals of leases; provision for determining annual rentals.

12:3-26: License required to lay pipes under State lands under tidewaters.

12:3-27: Enlarging or reducing tidewater basins; reclamation; leases and grants; limitations

12:3-27.1: Fill, development of real property in tidewater basin.

12:3-27.2: Authorization for approval of State tidelands, riparian grant.

12:3-28: Construction or alteration of bridges over tidal waters; approval of board; repeal by subsequent act

12:3-29: Terms and conditions required in lease or grant

12:3-30: Work or operations for buildings and commercial purposes

12:3-31: "Palisades" defined

12:3-32: Certain leases, grants and conveyances not affected

12:3-33: Grant of riparian lands for public park, place, street or highway

12:3-34: Conditions in grant

12:3-35: Authority of bridge companies to construct bridges over lands granted

12:3-36: Revocable lease or permit for nominal consideration; grant to new grantee; condition

12:3-37: Prior acts relating to leases and grants of riparian lands to municipalities for streets, highways, parks and other public purposes

12:3-37.1: Counties, municipalities and other instrumentalities of state; lease or permission to use for park and recreational purposes

12:3-38: Investigation by board on petition of riparian owner

12:3-39: Execution of confirmatory lease or grant; consideration; effect

12:3-40: Grant of additional lands; consideration

12:3-41: Character of lands affected

12:3-42: Facts to be considered by board in determining whether confirmatory lease or grant should be granted

12:3-43: When grant may be executed to petitioner

12:3-44: Who entitled to confirmatory lease or grant

12:3-45: Erroneous grant to other than riparian owner; valid unless riparian owner acts

12:3-46: Grant to named grantee in default of application and payment by riparian owner

12:3-47: Additional consideration for further grant

12:3-48: List of riparian leases in arrears

12:3-49: Re-entry under covenant by board on behalf of state when rent unpaid

12:3-50: Manner of re-entry

12:3-51: Notice

12:3-52: Contents of notice

12:3-53: Report by board to state treasurer

12:3-54: State treasurer to transmit original lease to board; new lease or grant

12:3-55: Certificate of re-entry and repossession; recording; fee

12:3-56: Rights of state as to unpaid rentals not affected

12:3-57: State treasurer released from responsibility under original lease

12:3-58: Declared a nuisance

12:3-59: Misdemeanor

12:3-60: Proceeding by board for removal of boat, barge or raft; lien for costs of removal

12:3-61: Enforcement of lien by sale; notice; fees and costs; disposition of proceeds

12:3-62: Expenses paid by state treasurer; reimbursement

12:3-63: Lands devoted to park purposes excepted

12:3-64: Acquisition by department; jurisdiction; entry before making compensation; use of lands acquired

12:3-65: Lease or grant of lands acquired; maximum period; restrictions

12:3-66: Lease or grant to former owner; improvements by lessee or grantee

12:3-67: Operation of commercial enterprise by lessee or grantee

12:3-68: Annual percentage of income in lieu of rent reserved in cash

12:3-69: Moneys received by board from leases and grants

12:3-70: Improvements and fixtures and title and goodwill of enterprise to revert to state

12:3-71: Laws applicable