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Chapter: 6 - General powers and duties

12:6-1: General powers and duties

12:6-2: Marking channels of inland waterway system

12:6-3: Lease of lands for construction of canals connecting lessee's lands with Bay Head and Manasquan canal

12:6-3.4: Improving Shrewsbury and Manasquan rivers

12:6-3.5: Work to be done when appropriation made

12:6-3.6: Dredging and improving Oyster bay

12:6-3.7: Appropriation

12:6-4: Appointment; term; compensation

12:6-5: General powers and duties

12:6-6: Powers with respect to power and other vessels using inland waterways

12:6-7: Regulating traffic on inland and other waterways

12:6-8: Powers of board; assistance of municipalities and counties

12:6-9: Improved streams to be part of inland waterway system

12:6-10: Contracts by board for improvement of streams

12:6-11: Federal aid for improvement of tributaries

12:6-12: Maintenance of tributaries improved with federal aid

12:6-13: Permit from board; conditions

12:6-14: Violations; penalty

12:6-15: Revocation of permit

12:6-16: Supervision of work by board

12:6-19: New Jersey Intracoastal Waterway; conveyance of Manasquan-Bayhead canal to the United States

12:6-20: Severability clause