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Chapter: 7 -

12:7-23.1: Short title

12:7-23.2: Muffler requirement.

12:7-23.3: Sales regulated

12:7-23.4: Racing exemption

12:7-23.5: Violations, penalties

12:7-23.6: Fines to State

12:7-34.35: Repeal

12:7-34.36: Short title

12:7-34.38: Numbering of vessels required; exemptions

12:7-34.39: Application for vessel number; certificate; display.

12:7-34.40: Rules, regulations concerning numbering system

12:7-34.41: Recording of vessel description, number

12:7-34.44: Misstatements in application for numbering

12:7-34.44a: Documented vessel; certificate of registration

12:7-34.45: Change of address of owner; status of vessel

12:7-34.46: Accidents involving vessels.

12:7-34.47: Fees

12:7-34.47a: Tax exemption certificate, necessity

12:7-34.47b: Documented power vessel based within state

12:7-34.47c: Application procedure for exemption certificate

12:7-34.47d: Fee for certificate

12:7-34.47e: Director authorized to utilize machine records facilities

12:7-34.47f: Governmental fee exception

12:7-34.47g: Charitable organization fee exception

12:7-34.47i: Taxation of power vessels being held for sale

12:7-34.47j: Rules, regulations

12:7-34.47k: Duration of previously issued certificates of number

12:7-34.47l: Effective date; applicability; construction

12:7-34.48a: Fees; deposit; appropriation

12:7-34.49: Boat Regulation Commission established.

12:7-34.50: Rules and regulations; effective date of changes

12:7-34.53: Construction of chapter 7 of title 12; special rules, regulations

12:7-34.54: Repeals

12:7-44: Additional powers of department

12:7-45: Speed of power vessels

12:7-46: Penalties for operating vessel under the influence.

12:7-47: Reckless operation of vessel; penalties, fines

12:7-47.1: Child under 12 required to wear personal flotation device on vessel underway

12:7-47.2: Rules, regulations

12:7-48: Mooring, grounding or abandoning hulk or derelict on State lands

12:7-49: Dredges having in tow excessive lines of pontoons or other equipment

12:7-50: Appointment of harbor masters

12:7-51: General penalties

12:7-53: Repeal

12:7-55: Implied consent.

12:7-56: Methods, techniques.

12:7-57: Refusal to submit to chemical test; revocation of privileges, fines.

12:7-58: Work release program

12:7-59: Written notice of penalties

12:7-60: Approved boat safety courses.

12:7-61: Operation of power vessels, personal watercraft; boat safety course requirements; violations.

12:7-61.1: Schedule for completion of mandatory boat safety course.

12:7-61.2: Written test in lieu of boat safety course for experienced boaters.

12:7-62: "Personal watercraft" defined

12:7-63: Restrictions on operation of personal watercraft.

12:7-64: Requirements for operator of personal watercraft

12:7-65: Floatation device required

12:7-66: Rules, regulations

12:7-67: Adoption, enforcement of ordinances, resolutions

12:7-68: Operator permitted to tow water skier

12:7-69: Violations; fines, penalties.

12:7-70: Findings, declarations relative to boating

12:7-71: Definitions

12:7-72: Issuance of license to operate power vessel; requirements.

12:7-73: Fees for power vessel operator's license, digitized picture.

12:7-74: Unlawful use, loan of operator's license; fine

12:7-74.1: Personal watercraft owner's liabilities

12:7-75: Alteration of motor number, filing of statement

12:7-76: Careless operation of vessel

12:7-77: Floatation devices required

12:7-78: Discard of debris; fine

12:7-79: Stop, lay to by order of officer

12:7-80: Summons; arrest

12:7-81: Jurisdiction of courts

12:7-82: Revocation, suspension of privilege to operate power vessel; conditions.

12:7-83: Violations, penalties

12:7-84: Payment of fines

12:7-85: Rules, regulations

12:7-86: Conditions for operation of personal watercraft without completion of boat safety course; violations, penalties; rules, regulations.

12:7-87: Warning sign required at pontoon boat rental businesses.