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Chapter: 7A -

12:7A-1: Short title

12:7A-2: Policy declaration

12:7A-3: Definitions

12:7A-4: All sales subject to law

12:7A-5: Application for certificates of ownership

12:7A-6: Renewals, exemptions

12:7A-7: Possession, exhibit of certificate of ownership

12:7A-8: Manufacturer's number

12:7A-9: New marine equipment; certificate of origin; assignment of certificate of origin upon sale

12:7A-10: Assignment of certificate of ownership

12:7A-11: Termination of security interest

12:7A-12: Issuance of certificate of ownership

12:7A-13: Duplicate certificate

12:7A-14: File of certificates

12:7A-15: Notation of security interest

12:7A-16: Seizure of vessels

12:7A-17: Failure to produce evidence of ownership

12:7A-18: Correction of defects; recording of foreign papers

12:7A-19: Title papers required

12:7A-21: Dealers' possession of ownership documents

12:7A-22: Forms; seizure

12:7A-23: Surrender of certificate

12:7A-24: Issuing agents.

12:7A-25: Injunctive relief; penalties

12:7A-26: Boat Certification Fund

12:7A-27: Severability

12:7A-28: Rules, regulations

12:7A-29: Transfer of Boat Act powers