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Chapter: 7C - Flat-bottomed boat, barge, scow or raft; abandonment; misdemeanor

12:7C-1: Flat-bottomed boat, barge, scow or raft; abandonment; misdemeanor

12:7C-2: Forfeiture; notice; sale

12:7C-3: Redemption

12:7C-4: Vessels on State lands

12:7C-5: Barge docked on bank of river; bond by owner; grounds for forfeiture

12:7C-6: Cancellation of bond upon removal of barge

12:7C-7: "Short title" amended.

12:7C-8: Definitions.

12:7C-9: Abandonment of vessel, removal, impoundment; incident report; penalty.

12:7C-9.1: Ordinance requiring registration of vessel by municipality, harbor commission.

12:7C-10: Presumption that vessel is abandoned, acquisition of title, reclamation.

12:7C-11: Notification of owner, lienholder.

12:7C-12: Notice of intent to acquire title; publication; contents.

12:7C-13: Application for title.

12:7C-14: Issuance of title to vessel.

12:7C-15: Costs of receiving title.

12:7C-16: Removal of vessel, costs; violations, penalties.

12:7C-17: Report of destruction, disposal of vessel.

12:7C-18: Acquisition of title by commission.

12:7C-19: Violations; penalties.

12:7C-20: Rules, regulations.