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Chapter: 8 - Appointment; term; qualifications; vacancies; name changed; transfer of Board in but not of DOT; redesignated commission.

12:8-1: Appointment; term; qualifications; vacancies; name changed; transfer of Board in but not of DOT; redesignated commission.

12:8-1.1: Findings, declarations relative to pilotage.

12:8-1.2: Definitions relative to pilotage.

12:8-1.3: References deemed changed to NJ Maritime Pilot and Docking Pilot Commission.

12:8-2: Rules, orders, regulations.

12:8-3: Interest in pilotage business prohibited.

12:8-4: Compensation of commissioners; fees, certain, for expenses of commission.

12:8-5: Annual report to Legislature, Governor, State Treasurer.

12:8-6: Authority to administer oaths; subpoena power.

12:8-7: Order, judgment considered final agency action; judicial review.

12:8-8: Employment of maritime pilots; rotation system.

12:8-8.1: Provision of vessels, aircraft for embarkation, disembarkation; inbound, outbound discharge.

12:8-9: Licensing of maritime, docking pilots.

12:8-9.1: Pilotage requirements not extended.

12:8-10: Pilot boats in Sandy Hook service; apprentices, control and direction of; docking boats.

12:8-11: Apprentices, term of service, license as deputy maritime pilot after examination.

12:8-12: Licensing as Sandy Hook Pilot, requirements.

12:8-13: Acting as maritime, docking pilot during emergency.

12:8-14: Examination for deputy maritime pilot license; eligibility.

12:8-15: Certificate of appointment as a maritime pilot.

12:8-16: Oath taken by maritime pilot.

12:8-17.1: Access to certain records of pilots.

12:8-18: New licenses; forfeiture.

12:8-19: Revocation, suspension of license; grounds.

12:8-20: Surrender of license.

12:8-21: Notice, hearing of revocation of license, suspension from acting as pilot, or reduction in grade.

12:8-24.1: Fees for maritime pilotage, use of pilotage rates.

12:8-31: Pay of maritime pilot carried to sea.

12:8-35: Vessels required to take maritime pilot; exceptions.

12:8-35.1: Rights of owner, operator, master of vessel.

12:8-36: Licensed pilots not required for New Jersey coasting vessels

12:8-37: Pilotage to be taxed or certified when amount disputed

12:8-38: Liability for pilotage; where payable

12:8-39: Master to give pilot draft of vessel; penalty, proceeding, judicial review.

12:8-40: Maritime pilots to account for fees.

12:8-44: Production of identity badge, card, documents.

12:8-47: Piloting without license, fourth degree crime; fine.

12:8-48: Disposition of penalties

12:8-49: Qualification of docking pilot without apprenticeship; requirements.

12:8-50: Documentation for consideration as docking pilot apprentice.

12:8-51: Additional requirements for qualification as docking pilot.

12:8-52: Registration of docking pilots; fee.

12:8-53: Authority of docking pilots.