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Chapter: 1E -

13:1e-1: Short title

13:1e-2: Legislative findings and declaration of policy

13:1e-3: Definitions.

13:1e-4: Supervision of solid waste collection activities, facilities, disposal operations.

13:1e-5: Registration statement, engineering design; approval.

13:1e-5a: Registration renewal of solid waste collection and disposal vehicles.

13:1e-5.1: Application; notice to municipality; rejection or grant of tentative approval; transmittal with fact sheet; public hearing; recommendations of adminis

13:1e-5.2: Facility on site in more than one municipality; notices; affected municipalities as single party

13:1e-5.3: Sanitary landfill facility on property of state college; prohibition of approval; termination of contractual right or regulatory approval; reimburseme

13:1e-6: Powers and duties of department

13:1e-7: Advisory Council on Solid Waste Management

13:1e-8: Council powers

13:1e-9: Codes, rules and regulations; enforcement; penalties

13:1e-9.1: Surcharges

13:1e-9.2: Reward for information

13:1e-9.3: Disposal, transportation of solid waste; authorization.

13:1e-9.4: Penalties

13:1e-9.5: Issuance of emergency order

13:1e-9.6: Solid waste disposal offenses, degree of crime, penalties.

13:1e-11: Temporary approval of registration

13:1e-12: Revocation or suspension of registration

13:1e-13: Tax exemption

13:1e-14: Liberal construction

13:1e-15: Severability

13:1e-15.1: Hours of operation; facility within 1000 feet of residential zone

13:1e-18: Fees

13:1e-19: Solid waste management districts; designation

13:1e-20: Solid waste management plans

13:1e-21: Solid waste management plan; report; contents

13:1e-22: Prohibition of solid waste facilities competitive with facilities of public authority; agreements or contracts; authorization

13:1e-23: Adoption of solid waste management plan; procedure; review

13:1e-24: Submission to commissioner; approval, modification or rejection; certification; adoption of modification by district; filing

13:1e-25: Payment of costs; adoption of County Solid Waste Disposal Financing Law

13:1e-26: Approval by commissioner prior to construction, acquisition, or operation of facility

13:1e-27: Solid waste facility deemed public utility

13:1e-28: Annual payment to host municipality

13:1e-28.1: Transfer station payment to host municipality

13:1e-28.2: Nonapplicability

13:1e-28.3: Annual economic benefit for certain neighboring municipalities

13:1e-29: Issuance of bonds or modification or renewal of contracts involving solid waste facility after effective date of act

13:1e-30: State grant for experiental, landfill mining projects; application; evaluation

13:1e-31: Commitments and grants; approval; findings

13:1e-32: Change in experimental project; written approval of commissioner

13:1e-33: Inspections of experimental projects

13:1e-34: Solid Waste Management Research and Development Fund; creation

13:1e-34.1: Development of landfill mining demonstration project

13:1e-34.2: Provisions of "Pinelands Protection Act" not modified

13:1e-35: Liberal construction; severability

13:1e-36: Exemption of construction and operation of planned disposal facility from provisions of act

13:1e-37: Formulation and development of plan; state aid to districts

13:1e-38: Definitions

13:1e-39: Commercial solid waste facility near river flood hazard area; prohibition of disposal of certain waste materials

13:1e-40: Hazardous wastes; list; transmittal to department and municipality

13:1e-41: Monitoring wells; samples; analyses; order to discontinue acceptance of wastes; reacceptance; conditions

13:1e-42: System for interception, collection and treatment of leachates; installation by 1980; approval; temporary disposal of septage and sewage sludge at des

13:1e-42.1: Weekly inspection of major hazardous waste facilities

13:1e-42.2: Assessment for inspection of major hazardous waste facility; schedule

13:1e-43: Legislative findings and declarations

13:1e-44: Definitions

13:1e-45: District solid waste management plans; sludge; inventory and plans for disposal

13:1e-46: Statewide solid waste management plan; sludge management strategy; directions to solid waste management district by department

13:1e-47: Disposal of sludge in solid waste management district

13:1e-48: Pursuit and coordination of federal, state or private aid

13:1e-48.1: Short title

13:1e-48.2: Findings, declarations.

13:1e-48.3: Definitions.

13:1e-48.4: Regulated medical waste management system

13:1e-48.5: Interim regulation

13:1e-48.6: Requirements; certification

13:1e-48.7: Generator registration, fees

13:1e-48.8: Transporter requirements

13:1e-48.9: Transporter application, fees

13:1e-48.10: Acceptance for disposal

13:1e-48.11: Instruction

13:1e-48.12: Regulation of flow

13:1e-48.13: State regulated medical waste management plan

13:1e-48.14: Commercial facilities

13:1e-48.15: County shortfall determination

13:1e-48.16: County options

13:1e-48.16a: Preparation, adoption of sharps disposal component for district solid waste management plan.

13:1e-48.16b: Rules, regulations.

13:1e-48.17: Noncompliance determination

13:1e-48.18: Payments to county; surcharges

13:1e-48.19: Regional procedures

13:1e-48.20: Enforcement.

13:1e-48.21: Strict liability

13:1e-48.22: Temporary approval

13:1e-48.23: Revocation; suspension of registration; reissuance, reinstatement.

13:1e-48.23a: Violations, revocation of generator's registration; application for reissuance.

13:1e-48.23b: Violations, revocation of health care professionals' license; application for reissuance.

13:1e-48.24: Reward to informant

13:1e-48.25: State agencies included

13:1e-48.26: Allocation of fees

13:1e-48.27: Rules, regulations

13:1e-48.28: Local regulation superseded

13:1e-49: Short title

13:1e-50: Legislative findings and declarations

13:1e-51: Definitions.

13:1e-52: Hazardous waste facilities siting commission

13:1e-53: Powers

13:1e-55.1: Annual program analysis required.

13:1e-57: Criteria for siting of new major hazardous waste facilities; preparation and adoption.

13:1e-58: Major hazardous waste facilities plan; preparation and adoption; contents; public information program.

13:1e-59: Site designations; proposal and adoption.

13:1e-60: Construction of major hazardous waste facility; registration statement and engineering design; review; approval; findings; fees; exemptions.

13:1e-61: Criteria for new major hazardous waste facilities; failure to meet requirements; approval; findings

13:1e-62: Joint and severally strict liability of owners and operators

13:1e-63: Construction and operation; inapplicability of local government approval or zoning ordinance; compliance with state law; inspections

13:1e-64: Weekly inspections by local health board or department; violations; injunction or other relief; disposition of penalties

13:1e-65: Right of entry of local inspector

13:1e-66: Failure to comply with laws or rules and regulations; enforcement and closure actions

13:1e-67: Award for information on violations

13:1e-68: Evidence of financial responsibility; mechanism to defray closing costs and post-closure monitoring expenses

13:1e-69: Conservatorship

13:1e-70: Conservator; powers and duties

13:1e-71: Compensation for services, costs and expenses in conservatorship action

13:1e-72: Assumption of outstanding debts of former registrant by purchaser

13:1e-73: Payment of net earnings during conservatorship; approval

13:1e-74: Disposition in bulk of all property; net proceeds to former or suspended registrant

13:1e-75: Conservator; subjection to laws, rules and regulations and conditions and restrictions in statement or design

13:1e-76: Discontinuation of conservatorship action; disposition of securities issued by former or suspended registrant; inapplicability to powers of conservato

13:1e-77: Reports of conservator; availability and distribution; publication

13:1e-78: Creditor or party in interest aggrieved by alleged breach of fiduciary obligation; review

13:1e-79: Qualifications of conservator; investigation and report

13:1e-80: Taxation of hazardous waste facilities; collection of excess amounts; lower payments directed by commission

13:1e-81: Eminent domain

13:1e-82: Conflict of interest of member, officer, employee or agent of commission

13:1e-83: Annual audit of commission

13:1e-84: Annual report

13:1e-85: Rules and regulations

13:1e-86: Report; need for State construction and operation of major hazardous waste facilities or exchange.

13:1e-87: First date of approval of new facility; increase in capacity; approval

13:1e-88: Commission or department; prohibited acts; prohibition of regulation of rates, fees or charges by certain governmental agencies

13:1e-89: Precedence of act over laws, rules and regulations in conflict or inconsistent with act

13:1e-90: Severability

13:1e-91: Liberal construction of act

13:1e-96: State Recycling Fund; allocation of moneys.

13:1e-96.1: Functions, etc. transferred to Department of Environmental Protection

13:1e-96.2: Short title.

13:1e-96.3: Findings, declarations relative to recycling goals and recycling of solid waste.

13:1e-96.4: Definitions relative to recycling of solid waste.

13:1e-96.5: Recycling tax on owner, operator of solid waste facility; applicability; rate.

13:1e-96.6: Recycling tax suspended when beverage containers are refundable.

13:1e-96.7: Annual appropriations; conditions.

13:1e-96.8: "New Jersey Recycling Awards Program."

13:1e-99.3: Penalties for littering

13:1e-99.4: Banned containers

13:1e-99.11: Findings, declarations

13:1e-99.12: Definitions

13:1e-99.13: District recycling plan.

13:1e-99.13a: Adoption of model ordinance on recycling in multifamily housing

13:1e-99.13b: Written cooperative marketing agreement

13:1e-99.14: Contracts for recycling services

13:1e-99.15: Exemption

13:1e-99.16: Municipal recycling system.

13:1e-99.17: Bidding for collection, disposal of recyclable materials

13:1e-99.18: Identification as recyclable container

13:1e-99.19: Written determination

13:1e-99.20: Disposition, recycling of automobile tires

13:1e-99.21: Use of leaf composting, vegetative waste composting facilities or recycling center

13:1e-99.21a: Authorization to own or operate leaf composting facility

13:1e-99.21b: Requirements for licensing for owner, operator of leaf composting facility

13:1e-99.21c: Leaf composting demonstration projects

13:1e-99.21d: Vehicles for transporting leaves to facility, registration not required

13:1e-99.21e: Jurisdiction over charges, rates; revenue not included in tariff computation

13:1e-99.21f: Rules, regulations.

13:1e-99.22: Municipal leaf collection

13:1e-99.23: Preference to materials paid with public funds

13:1e-99.24: Purchase of recycled paper, products; review of bid specs

13:1e-99.25: Contracts for recycled paper, products

13:1e-99.26: Cooperative purchase, marketing

13:1e-99.27: Increasing percentage of recycled paper

13:1e-99.27a: Contracts for purchase of recycled nonpaper products

13:1e-99.28: Recyclable paving materials

13:1e-99.28a: Use of recycled asphalt pavement.

13:1e-99.28b: Steel slag use, aggregate; definitions.

13:1e-99.29: Fuel from waste oil

13:1e-99.30: Compliance with district recycling plan

13:1e-99.31: Resource recovery facility to comply with district recycling plan

13:1e-99.32: Short title

13:1e-99.33: Recycling activities outside BPU jurisdiction

13:1e-99.34: Recycling centers

13:1e-99.34a: Mobile electronic waste destruction units, operation without DEP permit.

13:1e-99.35: Sale of motor oil; rules, regulations.

13:1e-99.36: Sign posted "used oil collection center" defined; rules, regulations

13:1e-99.37: Statewide Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Program Fund

13:1e-99.38: Marketing studies

13:1e-99.39: Report to Legislature

13:1e-99.40: Definitions

13:1e-99.41: Material code labels on bottles, containers; required

13:1e-99.42: Violations, penalties

13:1e-99.43: Rules, regulations

13:1e-99.44: Short title

13:1e-99.45: Findings, declarations, determinations

13:1e-99.46: Definitions.

13:1e-99.47: Sale of certain packages, components, packaged products, restricted; terms defined.

13:1e-99.48: Exemptions, criteria.

13:1e-99.49: Request for information by department

13:1e-99.50: Fees

13:1e-99.51: Certification of compliance

13:1e-99.52: Determination of compliance by department

13:1e-99.53: Noncompliance

13:1e-99.54: Violations, penalties, remedies

13:1e-99.55: "Toxic Packaging Reduction Fund" created

13:1e-99.56: Review, report.

13:1e-99.57: Request for copy of declaration of exemption, certificate of compliance

13:1e-99.58: Rules, regulations

13:1e-99.59: Short title

13:1e-99.60: Findings, declarations

13:1e-99.61: Definitions relative to dry cell batteries

13:1e-99.62: Restricted sales of certain batteries

13:1e-99.63: Restricted sale of consumer mercuric oxide battery

13:1e-99.64: Sale of rechargeable consumer products restricted, exemptions

13:1e-99.65: Sale of certain batteries dependent on battery management plan

13:1e-99.66: Submission of battery management plan

13:1e-99.67: Submission of dry cell battery collection plan

13:1e-99.68: Disposal of mercuric oxide batteries as solid waste, prohibited

13:1e-99.69: Disposal of used nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries as solid waste, prohibited

13:1e-99.70: Solid waste collector not to collect certain used batteries

13:1e-99.71: Solid waste facility not to accept certain used batteries for disposal

13:1e-99.72: Retailers, distributors, manufacturers to accept used batteries

13:1e-99.73: Institutional generator to provide for disposal of certain batteries

13:1e-99.74: Adoption of district household hazardous waste management plan.

13:1e-99.75: Implementation of countywide used dry cell battery source separation and collection program

13:1e-99.76: Order issued by commissioner to manufacturers

13:1e-99.77: Addressing consumer complaints, establishment of public education program, determination of compliance

13:1e-99.78: Violations, penalties

13:1e-99.79: Rules, regulations

13:1e-99.80: Report by commissioner to the Legislature

13:1e-99.81: Collector, transporter exemptions

13:1e-99.81a: Short title.

13:1e-99.81b: Definitions.

13:1e-99.81c: Propulsion battery, permanent label, information.

13:1e-99.81d: Needs assessment, availability, authorize propulsion battery recyclers, infrastructure, related, implementation; report, Governor, Legislature.

13:1e-99.81e: Disposal, propulsion battery, module, cell, restrictions.

13:1e-99.81f: Rules, regulations; battery management plan; end-of-life management, propulsion battery, responsibility.

13:1e-99.81g: Complete battery management plan, approval, disapproval, timeline.

13:1e-99.81h: Locations to deliver unwanted propulsion battery.

13:1e-99.81i: Battery management plan, collection services, educational materials for consumers.

13:1e-99.81j: Violations, recourse.

13:1e-99.81k: Propulsion battery producer, register, Department of Environmental Protection.

13:1e-99.81l: Propulsion battery producer, report, number sold, offered for sale, distributed in New Jersey, Department of Environmental Protection.

13:1e-99.82: Short title.

13:1e-99.83: Findings, declarations relative to mercury pollution from switches in scrap vehicles.

13:1e-99.84: Definitions relative to mercury switches in scrap vehicles.

13:1e-99.85: Development of mercury minimization plan for vehicles by manufacturers.

13:1e-99.86: Approval, disapproval, conditional approval of mercury minimization plan.

13:1e-99.87: Removal of mercury switches.

13:1e-99.88: Manufacturer's report to commissioner relative to implementation of mercury minimization plan.

13:1e-99.89: Violations, civil action, penalty.

13:1e-99.90: Revision of policies of Department of the Treasury relative to purchase of vehicles.

13:1e-99.91: Sale of certain mercury thermometers prohibited.

13:1e-99.92: DEP responsible for compliance, public education program.

13:1e-99.93: Violations, penalties.

13:1e-99.94: Short title.

13:1e-99.95: Definitions relative to electronic waste management.

13:1e-99.96: Registration for television manufacturers; fee, annual report, recycling program.

13:1e-99.96a: Preparation of plan, annual report by department.

13:1e-99.99: Noncompliance by manufacturer, prohibition from sales.

13:1e-99.100: Labeling of electronic device required.

13:1e-99.101: Compliance with Directive 2002/94/EC.

13:1e-99.102: Collection of sampling information by department; registration; fee; TV exception.

13:1e-99.103: Requirements for manufacturer provided with return share in weight greater than zero, TV exception.

13:1e-99.104: Information provided by retailer relative to recycling.

13:1e-99.105: Determination of return share for manufacturer; TV exception; annual report.

13:1e-99.105a: Standard program for collection, transportation, recycling of covered electronic devices from consumers.

13:1e-99.105b: Registration of authorized recycler; fee.

13:1e-99.105c: Information required from operator of collection location.

13:1e-99.105d: Noncompliance; fee.

13:1e-99.105e: "Electronic Waste Management Fund."

13:1e-99.106: Maintenance of Internet website, toll-free number listing recycling sites.

13:1e-99.108: Recycling of covered electronic devices; compliance with laws; performance requirements.

13:1e-99.109: Used covered electronic device, disposal as solid waste prohibited.

13:1e-99.110: Enforcement; violations, penalties.

13:1e-99.111: Rules, regulations; fees to cover department costs.

13:1e-99.112: Establishment of organizations, compacts.

13:1e-99.113: Intent of act; implementation of national program.

13:1e-99.114: Report posted on website, to Legislature by January 1, 2014.

13:1e-99.115: Guidelines for handling food waste for certain institutions.

13:1e-99.116: Certain wheel weights prohibited; terms defined.

13:1e-99.115a: Schools, delivery, process, compostable, anaerobically digestible food waste, parameters; Department of Environmental Protection, guidance, rules, reg

13:1e-99.117: Public education program.

13:1e-99.118: Violations, penalties.

13:1e-99.119: Sale, distribution of products containing asbestos prohibited.

13:1e-99.120: Public education program; enforcement.

13:1e-99.121: Violations, penalties.

13:1e-99.122: Definitions relative to food waste.

13:1e-99.123: Requirements for large food waste generator; violations, penalties.

13:1e-99.124: Economic benefit for municipality.

13:1e-99.125: Food Waste Recycling Market Development Council.

13:1e-99.126: Findings, declarations relative to certain single-use products.

13:1e-99.127: Definitions relative to certain single-use products.

13:1e-99.129: Dispensing of polystyrene form food service products prohibited.

13:1e-99.130: Dispensing of single-use plastic straws.

13:1e-99.131: Violations, penalties.

13:1e-99.132: Plastics Advisory Council.

13:1e-99.133: Program to assist businesses with compliance.

13:1e-99.134: Rules, regulations.

13:1e-99.135: Definitions.

13:1e-99.136: Calculation of postconsumer recycled content.

13:1e-99.137: Rigid plastic containers, percentage of postconsumer recycled content increase; certain exemptions.

13:1e-99.138: Plastic beverage containers, percentage of postconsumer recycled content increase.

13:1e-99.139: Glass containers, percentage of postconsumer recycled content increase.

13:1e-99.140: Paper carryout bags, percentage of postconsumer recycled content increase.

13:1e-99.141: Plastic carryout bags, percentage of postconsumer recycled content increase.

13:1e-99.142: Plastic trash bags, percentage of postconsumer recycled content increase.

13:1e-99.143: Adjustment of postconsumer recycled content requirements, authority.

13:1e-99.144: Certain exemptions for postconsumer recycled content requirements.

13:1e-99.145: Waivers, criteria.

13:1e-99.146: Alternative compliance plan, requirements.

13:1e-99.147: Registration, fees, certain exemptions.

13:1e-99.148: Compliance, certification, proof of exemption.

13:1e-99.149: Restriction on polystyrene loose fill packaging.

13:1e-99.150: Violations, penalties.

13:1e-99.151: Protection of proprietary information, trade secrets.

13:1e-99.152: "Recycling Enhancement Penalty Account" established, Department of the Treasury.

13:1e-99.153: Act supersedes local laws.

13:1e-99.154: Liability on news media.

13:1e-99.155: P.L.2020, c.117 not affected.

13:1e-99.156: Rules and regulations, incentives to collect, reuse polyethylene film.

13:1e-99.157: Assessment of implementation, report to the Governor, Legislature, Senate Environment and Energy Committee, Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Commi

13:1e-100: Short title

13:1e-101: Legislative findings and declarations

13:1e-102: Definitions

13:1e-103: Joint and several liability of owner or operator for proper operation and closure

13:1e-104: Sanitary landfill facility tax

13:1e-105: Sanitary landfill facility contingency fund

13:1e-106: Strict liability of fund for damages due to operations or closure of sanitary landfill; payment

13:1e-107: Limitations on claims

13:1e-108: Disbursement of fund

13:1e-109: Monthly deposits in escrow account; violation crime of third degree; increased tariffs

13:1e-109.1: Meadowlands Commission payment to certain solid waste debt defeasance fund.

13:1e-109.2: Payments into escrow accounts of Meadowlands Commission, certain, authorized.

13:1e-110: Landfill closure account audits

13:1e-111: Rights of subrogation of fund

13:1e-112: Tax and escrow collected as surcharge; adjustments

13:1e-114: Rules and regulations

13:1e-115: Availability of other remedies; remedies additional to existing law

13:1e-116: Contract for sale of land; statement of use as sanitary landfill facility; violation; voidability

13:1e-116.1: Short title

13:1e-116.2: Definitions regarding municipal landfill sites

13:1e-116.3: Redevelopment agreement, negotiation

13:1e-116.4: Reimbursement of costs of closure and remediation

13:1e-116.5: Memorandum of agreement to qualify for reimbursement certification

13:1e-116.6: Municipal Landfill Closure and Remediation Fund

13:1e-116.7: Reimbursement of developer

13:1e-117: Scales to determine weight of vehicles disposing of waste; record; exemption

13:1e-118: Rate schedule; amendment of tariff

13:1e-119: Increase in tariffs

13:1e-120: Regulations or guidelines

13:1e-122: Waste generated by federal government; exemption from tariffs

13:1e-123: Disposal of solid waste generated by agency of federal government; exemption from taxes and fees

13:1e-124: Exemption applicable only to contracts signed prior to Jan. 1, 1982

13:1e-125: Construction of act; refunds; tax liability incurred prior to effective date

13:1e-125.1: Definitions relative to certain landfills.

13:1e-125.2: Voidable causes; closure.

13:1e-125.3: Site plan approval required.

13:1e-125.4: Hydrogen sulfide levels, odors; violations; adoption of standards.

13:1e-125.5: Financial assurance to pay for closure costs.

13:1e-125.6: Monthly deposit of costs of post-closure monitoring.

13:1e-125.7: New Jersey licensed professional engineer to perform closure.

13:1e-125.8: Violations, penalties.

13:1e-125.9: Emergency orders.

13:1e-126: Legislative findings and declarations

13:1e-127: Definitions.

13:1e-127.1: Soil and fill recycling registration.

13:1e-127.2: Registration required to engage in soil and fill recycling services.

13:1e-128: Disclosure.

13:1e-128.1: Priority schedule for investigative reports

13:1e-128.2: Disclosure, submission requirements.

13:1e-129: Investigative interrogatory

13:1e-130: Subpena power

13:1e-131: Disclosure of information by public officer or employee; penalty

13:1e-132: Grant of immunity after disclosure of evidence; failure to obey subpena; penalties

13:1e-133: Disqualification critieria

13:1e-133.1: Rehabilitated ex-offenders, licensing

13:1e-133.2: Reestablished integrity, licensing

13:1e-133.3: Resource recovery permits; completion of investigation, licensing required

13:1e-133.4: Rules, regulations

13:1e-134: Causes for revocation

13:1e-135: Licensing after removal of disqualification; temporary licenses

13:1e-135.1: Application, license fees.

13:1e-135.2: Memorandum of agreement.

13:1e-135.3: List of individuals, businesses that have been debarred, had license revoked or denied.

13:1e-135.4: Reciprocal information exchange.

13:1e-135.5: Rules, regulations; violations, penalties.

13:1e-135.6: Right to enter, take samples.

13:1e-136: Findings, declarations

13:1e-137: Definitions.

13:1e-138: Solid waste services, tax; obligation to pay.

13:1e-147: Solid Waste Services Tax Fund.

13:1e-153: 40-year contracts authorized

13:1e-154: Request for qualifications; selection of qualified vendors

13:1e-155: Request for proposals

13:1e-156: Review of proposals; revisions

13:1e-157: Vendor designation; contract negotiations

13:1e-158: Approvals required

13:1e-159: Notification of proposed contract

13:1e-160: Request for additional information

13:1e-161: Notice of public hearing

13:1e-162: Hearing; report

13:1e-163: Approval; conditional approval

13:1e-164: Mandatory contract provisions

13:1e-167: Lease or sale to vendor

13:1e-168: Rules, regulations

13:1e-169: Findings, declarations

13:1e-170: Definitions

13:1e-171: Sanitary Landfill Closure and Rate Relief Fund

13:1e-172: Project priority list

13:1e-173: Eligibility for grants, loans

13:1e-174: Project appropriations

13:1e-175: Rules

13:1e-176: Financial plan for closure

13:1e-177: Short title

13:1e-179: Definitions.

13:1e-181.3: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility Fund.

13:1e-186: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Plan.

13:1e-191: Reward for information.

13:1e-198: Rules, regulations.

13:1e-199: Definitions

13:1e-200: Disposal of used lead acid battery

13:1e-201: Retailers to accept used lead acid battery

13:1e-202: Distributor to accept used lead acid battery from retailer

13:1e-203: Manufacturer to accept used lead acid battery from distributor

13:1e-204: Retailer to display notice that lead acid batteries may be recycled

13:1e-205: Solid waste collector not to collect used lead acid batteries

13:1e-206: Solid waste facility not to accept used lead acid batteries

13:1e-207: Consumer complaints, dissemination of information

13:1e-208: Findings, declarations relative to recycling, reuse of used computers.

13:1e-209: DEP educational materials on computer recycling and reuse.

13:1e-210: Distribution of educational materials by DOE.

13:1e-211: DEP evaluation demonstration project; report.

13:1e-212: Rules, regulations.

13:1e-213: Title amended.

13:1e-214: Findings, declarations relative to the Clean Communities Program.

13:1e-215: Definitions relative to the Clean Communities Program.

13:1e-216: User fee imposed on sales by manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer of litter-generating products.

13:1e-217: Clean Communities Program Fund.

13:1e-218: Statewide public information and education program.

13:1e-219: Contract not required for receipt of State aid.

13:1e-220: Additional duties, responsibilities of department.

13:1e-221: Violations, penalties.

13:1e-222: Rules, regulations.

13:1e-223: Annual appropriations; conditions.

13:1e-224: Tire Management and Cleanup Fund.

13:1e-225: Local Tire Management Program.

13:1e-226: Findings, declarations relative to food waste.

13:1e-227: Goal of reducing amount of food waste established.

13:1e-228: Public awareness campaign relative to food waste.

13:1e-229: "New Jersey Solar Panel Recycling Commission."

13:1e-230: Rules, regulations.