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Chapter: 9 - Forest fire service established

13:9-1: Forest fire service established

13:9-2: General powers of department

13:9-3: Duties of and regulations governing firewardens

13:9-4: Material, supplies, equipment and property; purchase and distribution; custodian

13:9-5: Expenses of administration of chapter; how paid

13:9-6: Divisions, sections and districts

13:9-7: State firewarden, supervisors, deputies and other officers and employees; appointment, removal and compensation

13:9-7.1: Mandatory training requirements for fire service instructors

13:9-9: Emergency help; cooperative or contractual agreements

13:9-10: Deputy firewardens; designation

13:9-12: Hourly compensation of district firewardens and helpers

13:9-13: General powers of state firewarden

13:9-15: Enforcement of laws and extinguishment of fires; summoning assistance

13:9-16: Obstruction, threat, abuse, assault, injury or interference with firewarden, deputies or assistants

13:9-17: Right of trespass to extinguish wildfire; right of entry to inspect

13:9-19: Burning waste, vegetation or other materials; permits

13:9-20: Burning forest; permit; back fires; liability; recreational or permitted fire; precautions

13:9-21: Duty to extinguish fires and notify firewarden

13:9-22: Theft, mutilation or destruction of property, equipment or posted notices

13:9-23: Accumulations in forests as extraordinary fire hazard and public nuisance

13:9-24: Removal of fire hazard and nuisance; penalty

13:9-25: Compliance with chapter; civil liability for damages

13:9-28: Penalties; payment and disposition

13:9-29: Arrests without warrant

13:9-44.1: Short title

13:9-44.2: Legislative declarations

13:9-44.3: Definitions

13:9-44.4: Authority to make, conduct or participate in investigation of cause or responsibility for wildfire; cooperation

13:9-44.5: Rules and regulations; orders

13:9-44.6: Discharge of incendiary device, operation of mechanism which might cause wildfire or machinery without spark arrestor; precautions; presumption on esc

13:9-44.7: Throwing or dropping object within forest likely to cause wildfire

13:9-44.8: Rights-of-way of railroads; burning and clearance; failure to comply; notice; declaration as public nuisance

13:9-44.9: Costs of extinguishment; recovery; action

13:9-44.10: Penalties; enforcement

13:9-44.11: Short title.

13:9-44.12: Findings, declarations relative to prescribed burns.

13:9-44.13: Definitions relative to prescribed burns.

13:9-44.14: Program for prescribed burning, fees.

13:9-44.15: Conducting of prescribed burn; notifications, objections.

13:9-44.16: Prescribed burn deemed to be in public interest; immunity from liability.

13:9-44.17: Rules, regulations.

13:9-52: Drought; closing of forests and suspension or curtailment of open seasons for game and fish; proclamation of commissioner