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Chapter: 11C -

17:11C-1: Short title amended.

17:11C-2: Definitions regarding licensed lenders.

17:11C-3: License required for consumer lender, sales finance company.

17:11C-6: Exempt consumer loan business, certain

17:11C-7: Conditions for issuance of license.

17:11C-8: Application, fee.

17:11C-9: Maintenance of branch offices by licensee.

17:11C-10: Information on license; posting, disposition of license.

17:11C-11: Issuance, surrender, expiration of license.

17:11C-12: Approval of transfer, sale.

17:11C-16: Net worth requirements for consumer lenders

17:11C-17: Change of address notice.

17:11C-18: Commissioner's authority relative to issuance, revocation, oversight of licenses, enforcement.

17:11C-19: Maintenance of books, accounts, records, documents.

17:11C-21: Purchase of insurance by borrowers.

17:11C-32: Consumer loans permitted by consumer lender, terms.

17:11C-33: Additional charges prohibited on consumer loan; violations.

17:11C-34: Requirements for consumer lender relative to closed-end loan.

17:11C-35: Limits on closed-end consumer loans

17:11C-36: Open-end consumer loans; conditions, terms.

17:11C-37: Prohibited charges for large consumer loans.

17:11C-38: Certain payments deemed loan secured by assignment.

17:11C-39: Validity of chattel mortgage, security interest, conditions

17:11C-40: Loans secured by property.

17:11C-41: Consumer lenders, prohibited practices.

17:11C-42: Investigations, examinations of licensees.

17:11C-43: Annual report by licensees; violations, penalties.

17:11C-44: Agreements unenforceable, void

17:11C-49: Rules, regulations

17:11C-51: Short title.

17:11C-52: Findings, declarations relative to certain licensed lending activities.

17:11C-53: Definitions relative to certain licensed lending activities.

17:11C-54: Licensing requirements.

17:11C-55: Inapplicability of act.

17:11C-56: Conditions for issuance of licenses for residential mortgage lenders, brokers.

17:11C-57: Issuance of licenses for mortgage loan originators, residential mortgage lenders, brokers.

17:11C-58: Fees for license applications.

17:11C-59: Required educational courses.

17:11C-60: Written test required for licensure.

17:11C-61: Educational requirements for license renewal.

17:11C-62: Registration, assignment of unique identifier.

17:11C-63: Business licensee required to obtain blanket bond.

17:11C-64: Minimum net worth required for applicant for business license.

17:11C-65: Maintenance of branch offices by business licensee.

17:11C-66: Construction of act relative to maintenance of office in-State.

17:11C-67: Regulations relative to license.

17:11C-68: Expiration, continuance, reinstatement, surrender of license.

17:11C-69: Approval for sale, transfer of controlling interest.

17:11C-70: Authority of commissioner relative to issuing licenses.

17:11C-71: Identification of place of business, storing of books, accounts, records; accessibility.

17:11C-72: Provision of unique identifier required.

17:11C-73: Insurance requirements for borrowers.

17:11C-74: Permitted fees.

17:11C-75: Prohibited practices, violations.

17:11C-76: Closed-end loan permitted, certain circumstances, interest rates.

17:11C-77: Open-end loan permitted, certain circumstances, interest rates.

17:11C-78: Requirements for instrument evidencing a secondary mortgage loan.

17:11C-79: Prohibited wording for secondary mortgage loan.

17:11C-80: Prohibited actions relative to secondary mortgage loan; exceptions.

17:11C-81: Regulations relative to collection of interest.

17:11C-82: Required actions relative to secondary mortgage loans.

17:11C-83: Additional prohibited practices, violations.

17:11C-84: Investigation by commissioner.

17:11C-85: Reporting requirements.

17:11C-86: Agreements unenforceable, void.

17:11C-87: Applicability to mortgage loans.

17:11C-88: Noncompliance, effect on validity, enforcement of mortgage loans.

17:11C-89: Rules, regulations.