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Chapter: 12B - Construction as revision of prior laws

17:12B-1: Construction as revision of prior laws

17:12B-2: Citation

17:12B-3: Application of act

17:12B-3.1: Contracts with association supervisors of other states

17:12B-4: Determination of members' rights and liabilities

17:12B-5: Definitions

17:12B-6: Gross income

17:12B-7: Net income

17:12B-8: Principal office; branch office; auxiliary office; remote service unit

17:12B-9: Agency

17:12B-10: Per capita assets

17:12B-11: Mortgage deemed first lien.

17:12B-12: Purposes

17:12B-13: Persons who may form corporation

17:12B-14: Contents of certificate of incorporation of a mutual association

17:12B-15: Original by-laws

17:12B-16: Application to commissioner for approval

17:12B-17: Notice of application and hearing thereon

17:12B-18: Guaranty account

17:12B-19: Hearing

17:12B-20: Commissioner's findings as to mutual association application

17:12B-21: Commissioner's decision

17:12B-22: Certificate to be filed

17:12B-23: Time limit for commencing business

17:12B-24: Establishment, operation of branch offices by State association

17:12B-24.1: Change of location of office of State association

17:12B-24.2: Powers of out-of-State, State association

17:12B-27.2: Time limit for opening branch office; discontinuance of branch office

17:12B-28: Interchange of principal and branch offices

17:12B-29: Auxiliary offices

17:12B-30: Auxiliary office, establishment, location

17:12B-31: Auxiliary office, permitted business transactions

17:12B-32: Business to be transacted only with persons outside structure

17:12B-33: Property to be used for auxiliary office; parking facilities

17:12B-34: Auxiliary office not deemed branch or limited facility branch office

17:12B-35: Other powers not affected

17:12B-36: Measurement of distances

17:12B-37: Agencies

17:12B-37.1: Remote service units; establishment or use; sharing; regulations

17:12B-38: By-laws

17:12B-38.1: Association official immunity

17:12B-39: Commissioner's approval required

17:12B-40: Change of office location

17:12B-46: Change of name

17:12B-46.1: Definitions relative to emergency closings

17:12B-46.2: Proclamation of emergency

17:12B-46.3: Action by officers after proclamation of emergency

17:12B-46.4: Duration of emergency

17:12B-46.5: Action by officers when no emergency proclaimed

17:12B-46.6: Responsibility of officers

17:12B-46.7: Notice to commissioner

17:12B-46.8: Effect of emergency closing

17:12B-46.9: Associations to be saved harmless

17:12B-46.10: Regulations of the commissioner

17:12B-46.11: Construction of act

17:12B-46.12: Short title

17:12B-47: General powers

17:12B-48: Powers of association

17:12B-49: Rental and maintenance of safe deposit boxes

17:12B-50: Pension plans

17:12B-51: Provisions of pension plan

17:12B-52: Eligibility for pension payments

17:12B-53: Determination of amount; specification in pension plan

17:12B-54: Excess payments; employee contributions

17:12B-55: Death benefits

17:12B-56: Appropriation for payments; merger of associations

17:12B-57: Submission of pension plan for approval of commissioner

17:12B-58: Plans sponsored by federal home loan banks

17:12B-59: Contracts for pension payments to retired officers and employees

17:12B-60: Discontinuance of participation in pension plan

17:12B-61: Transmission of money; money orders; travel checks

17:12B-62: Directors, number, powers.

17:12B-62.1: Association deemed in compliance with prohibition on interlocking relationships

17:12B-63: Director's election; vacancies

17:12B-64: Attorneys; employees

17:12B-65: Officers

17:12B-66: Officers' powers

17:12B-67: Oath of office of directors and officers

17:12B-67.1: Disqualification of officers, directors or employees; conviction of crime; pendency of appeal

17:12B-67.2: Penalty

17:12B-68: Minimum account requirements for directors

17:12B-69: Loans to officers, directors, attorneys or employees

17:12B-70: Default by directors and officers

17:12B-71: Restriction upon purchase of accounts

17:12B-72: Limitation of expenses

17:12B-73: Bonds required; indemnification of officers, directors and employees

17:12B-74: Membership generally

17:12B-75: Plans

17:12B-76: Nonshare plan

17:12B-77: Share plan

17:12B-78: Limitation upon accounts

17:12B-79: Forms of certificate

17:12B-80: Governmental agencies may be members

17:12B-81: Minors

17:12B-82: Membership trust accounts

17:12B-83: Applicability to moneys paid to account by trustee under will, other fiduciary instrument, court order or decree

17:12B-84: Release from claims of fiduciaries, beneficiaries or legal representatives

17:12B-85: Rights of beneficiary on death of fiduciary; effect of laws requiring valid testamentary disposition

17:12B-86: Applicability to federal associations having principal offices in state

17:12B-87: Authority of attorney to manage or make withdrawals from account

17:12B-89: Payment to credit of account of beneficiaries or their order

17:12B-90: Payment to credit of account when beneficiaries under 16 years of age

17:12B-91: Payment when account terminated and one or more beneficiaries under, and one or more beneficiaries over, 16 years of age

17:12B-103: Pledge of account to association

17:12B-106: Acceptance of accounts in name of one or more administrators, custodians, executors, guardians, trustees or other fiduciaries in trust for named benef

17:12B-109: Necessity for actual notice of death or incompetency of savings member

17:12B-110: Transfer of membership

17:12B-111: Lost certificates and account books

17:12B-112: Termination of membership

17:12B-112.1: Savings promotion conducted by savings and loan association.

17:12B-113: Notice to members

17:12B-114: Meeting place

17:12B-115: Meetings

17:12B-116: Quorum

17:12B-117: Confidential relationship of an association to its members

17:12B-118: Procedure to obtain information or communicate with members

17:12B-119: Costs and expenses incidental to application for information; payment by applicant

17:12B-120: Application for communication with other members; preparation and mailing of copies of communication; payment of costs and expenses by applicant

17:12B-121: Application for order requiring state association to grant application for information or to communicate with members

17:12B-122: Hearing before commissioner; designation of time and place; notice; adjournments

17:12B-123: Merits of application; determinations by commissioner

17:12B-124: Decision of commissioner; filing memorandum; notice

17:12B-125: Exclusive procedure; review of commissioner's action; effect of failure to act

17:12B-125.1: Application of sections 118 through 124 to federal associations

17:12B-126: Voting rights of members

17:12B-127: Determination of net income

17:12B-128: General reserve, bad debt reserves and Federal insurance reserve accounts

17:12B-129: Special reserve accounts

17:12B-130: Dividend participation; exceptions

17:12B-131: Undivided profits account

17:12B-132: Restrictions upon reserves and undivided profits account

17:12B-133: Reward profit or bonus plan

17:12B-134: Application for withdrawal

17:12B-135: Cancellation of withdrawal application

17:12B-136: Association operating under Plan 1; payment on presentation of withdrawal application or other notice

17:12B-137: Association operating under other than Plan I; payment on presentation of withdrawal application; other procedure

17:12B-138: Funds required for withdrawals

17:12B-139: Rotation plan

17:12B-140: Payment of withdrawals on other plans and purchase of accounts prohibited; authority of commissioner

17:12B-141: Application of withdrawal value to indebtedness

17:12B-142: Dividend retention

17:12B-143: Restrictions on actions

17:12B-144: Retirement

17:12B-145: Investments authorized

17:12B-145.1: Origination, acquisition of mortgage loans by association

17:12B-155: Procedure for making other loans

17:12B-156: Investments in additional loans

17:12B-157: Property improvement loans without mortgage liens

17:12B-158: Definitions as used in sections 159 through 164 (C. 17:12B-159 through C. 17:12B-164) of this act

17:12B-159: Limitations on such loans

17:12B-160: Charges on such loans

17:12B-162: Schedules of charges

17:12B-163: Rebates on prepayment

17:12B-164: Other charges in connection with loans

17:12B-165: Other investments, securities

17:12B-166: Real estate

17:12B-168: Limitations on amounts of real estate loans and investments

17:12B-169: Restrictions on investments

17:12B-170: Report of financial condition available to members

17:12B-171: Reports to commissioner; violations, penalties.

17:12B-172: Examination, inspection, supervision of associations.

17:12B-173: Exhibition of books, papers, securities, oaths; subpoena

17:12B-174: False testimony; perjury

17:12B-175: Immunity to violator testifying

17:12B-176: Audits

17:12B-177: Commissioner's additional powers

17:12B-178: Order to continue illegal, unsafe practices; violations, penalty

17:12B-179: Grounds for action by commissioner

17:12B-180: Conservation orders

17:12B-181: Action for relief

17:12B-182: Commissioner's authority

17:12B-183: Purpose of possession and operation by commissioner

17:12B-184: Return of management and possession

17:12B-185: Powers of commissioner in possession

17:12B-186: Appointment and compensation of counsel and assistants

17:12B-187: Segregation and application of money paid after commissioner takes possession

17:12B-188: Effect of commissioner's possession on rights of third persons

17:12B-189: Financial statements by commissioner

17:12B-190: Dissolution; Liquidation; Action by members

17:12B-191: Relief in court from commissioner's action

17:12B-192: Disposition of unclaimed funds due to members and creditors

17:12B-193: Liquidation and accounting by commissioner

17:12B-194: Action upon commissioner's refusal to act

17:12B-195: Proceedings before commissioner

17:12B-196: Applications for commissioner's approval

17:12B-197: Bookkeeping methods and accounting practices; destruction of books, records, et cetera

17:12B-198: Authority

17:12B-198.1: Merger between State, out-of-State associations

17:12B-199: Procedure; notice; approval on expedited basis

17:12B-200: Terms

17:12B-201: Recording of agreement

17:12B-202: Application for establishment of section 27 branch office or offices

17:12B-203: Effect of merger

17:12B-204: Bulk transfers

17:12B-205: Certificate of transfer of assets; resultant liquidating corporation

17:12B-206: Purchase of assets; inapplicability of Article X

17:12B-207: Liquidating corporations

17:12B-208: Creditors; claims barred

17:12B-209: Notice of dispute; limitation of action

17:12B-210: Applicability of sections 17:12B-208, 17:12B-209 to indebtedness on loan to enable association to effect sale of assets

17:12B-211: Jurisdiction of Superior Court

17:12B-212: Termination of corporate existence

17:12B-213: "Foreign association" defined

17:12B-214: Business prohibited within State, exceptions

17:12B-215: Violation; penalty

17:12B-216: Filing copy of application and statement of acceptance or rejection

17:12B-217: Terminating insurance

17:12B-218: Powers of commissioner not impaired

17:12B-219: Joint powers with insurance corporation

17:12B-220: Powers of insurance corporation

17:12B-221: Voting rights

17:12B-222: Procedure

17:12B-223: Corporate existence continued upon conversion

17:12B-224: Conversion from Federal to State charter; procedure

17:12B-225: Approval by commissioner; filing of certificate; corporate existence continued

17:12B-226: Fees, charges

17:12B-227: Payment of commissioner's expenses

17:12B-228: Dissolution

17:12B-229: Definition of liquidation

17:12B-230: Continuation of corporate existence

17:12B-231: Trustees; bonds; removal; successors; action by majority

17:12B-232: Liquidation period; extension

17:12B-233: Powers

17:12B-234: Creditors; claims barred

17:12B-235: Application of participation value to indebtedness

17:12B-236: Sinking fund mortgages; extension of time for payment

17:12B-237: Notice to sinking fund mortgagors

17:12B-238: Commissioner's jurisdiction

17:12B-239: Accounting by trustees; examination by commissioner; report to members; notice to creditors

17:12B-240: Jurisdiction of Superior Court; trustees; compensation

17:12B-241: Insured accounts eligible investment for trust and public funds, and savings banks and as security

17:12B-242: Separability; partial invalidity

17:12B-243: Effective date

17:12B-244: Definitions applicable to capital stock associations

17:12B-245: Persons who may incorporate a capital stock association

17:12B-246: Contents of certificate of incorporation of a capital stock association

17:12B-247: Filing of certificate of incorporation of capital stock association

17:12B-248: Capital stock and surplus

17:12B-249: Commissioner's findings as to a capital stock association

17:12B-250: Powers available to capital stock association

17:12B-250.1: Capital stock association official immunity

17:12B-251: Directors' election, vacancies

17:12B-252: Liability of stockholders

17:12B-253: Notice to stockholders

17:12B-254: Meeting place

17:12B-255: Meetings of stockholders

17:12B-256: Quorum for stockholders' meetings

17:12B-257: Voting rights of stockholders

17:12B-258: Reports to stockholders

17:12B-259: Dividends on capital stock

17:12B-260: Books and records of capital stock associations; right of inspection

17:12B-261: Conversion of mutual association to capital stock association

17:12B-262: Plan of conversion

17:12B-263: Adequate reserve and capital requirements

17:12B-264: Power to create, issue capital stock; provision for authorized but unissued stock; certificate of amendment

17:12B-265: Supervision of capital stock associations

17:12B-266: Merger of capital stock associations

17:12B-267: Conversion of a capital stock association into a Federal association

17:12B-268: Conversion of a Federal association into a capital stock association

17:12B-269: Commencement of business of capital stock association

17:12B-270: Dissolution and liquidation of capital stock association

17:12B-271: Construction of inconsistent provisions

17:12B-272: Rules and regulations

17:12B-277: Separability; partial invalidity

17:12B-278: Definitions

17:12B-279: Conditions for acquisition; control

17:12B-280: Acquisitions in other states permitted

17:12B-281: Definitions

17:12B-282: Information to commissioner

17:12B-283: Examination; report

17:12B-284: Notice of proposed acquisition to commissioner

17:12B-285: Fees

17:12B-286: FSLIC insurance required

17:12B-287: Management by commissioner

17:12B-288: Insurance required for charter

17:12B-289: Rules, regulations

17:12B-290: Violations; penalties

17:12B-291: Approval required for use of word "savings bank S.L.A."

17:12B-292: Definitions

17:12B-293: Approval of commissioner needed to acquire more than 25% of voting shares

17:12B-294: Application for approval; hearing; exemption limitations

17:12B-295: Factors used in determining approval

17:12B-296: Shares acquired in violation not counted; shares to be registered

17:12B-297: Cease and desist orders; injunction; penalties

17:12B-298: Formation of mutual state association holding company

17:12B-299: Contents of certificate of incorporation

17:12B-300: Approval of charter

17:12B-301: Powers of mutual state association holding company

17:12B-302: Board of directors

17:12B-303: Powers of board

17:12B-304: Board officers; compensation

17:12B-305: Distribution of surplus

17:12B-306: Retention of interest in assets

17:12B-307: Certificate of incorporation for subsidiary

17:12B-308: Certificate of incorporation, affidavit to commissioner; contents of affidavit

17:12B-309: Charter approval

17:12B-310: Powers of stockholders, board of directors

17:12B-311: Bylaws

17:12B-312: Amendment of certificate of incorporation

17:12B-313: Governance of subsidiary

17:12B-314: Dividends

17:12B-315: Merger

17:12B-316: Merger or purchase or retention of assets and assumption of liabilities

17:12B-317: Alternative to formation of subsidiary

17:12B-318: Contents of amended certificate of incorporation

17:12B-319: Rules, regulations