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Chapter: 13 - Repeal

17:13-72: Repeal

17:13-73: Corporate central credit union; membership; voting representatives

17:13-73.1: Purposes of corporate central credit union; application of Credit Union Act of 1984

17:13-73.2: Powers

17:13-73.3: Agreements; purposes

17:13-73.4: Setoff against accounts of members; lien on accounts; security for loans

17:13-73.5: Meetings

17:13-73.6: Reserve requirements

17:13-73.7: Exemption from insurance requirements of Credit Union Act of 1984

17:13-74: Conversion to or from a federal credit union

17:13-75: Insurance; exception

17:13-76: Failure to apply or denial of commitment for insurance; extension of time

17:13-77: Charter; necessity of insurance

17:13-78: Reports of financial condition and examination reports

17:13-79: Short title

17:13-80: Definitions

17:13-81: Incorporation of credit union; application; fee; certificate of incorporation.

17:13-82: Disapproval of application; annexation; filing of certificate of approval.

17:13-83: Organizational meeting; notice

17:13-84: Affidavit of incorporators

17:13-85: Issuance of certificate of authority; transaction of business

17:13-86: Amendment of certificate of incorporation; approval of commissioner

17:13-87: Insurance of accounts; financial condition and examination reports

17:13-88: Name of credit union; unauthorized use of words "credit union" in name; penalty

17:13-89: Powers.

17:13-90: Powers of commissioner.

17:13-91: Change of location of office; facilities for meetings or services

17:13-92: Membership of credit union; regulations.

17:13-92.1: Credit unions approved for inclusion of more than one group; continuation permitted.

17:13-93: Meetings; vote of members; quorum

17:13-94: Bylaws; approval of commissioner

17:13-95: Board of directors; membership; vacancy; meetings

17:13-96: Chairman of board; officers; compensation; bond of officers; duties

17:13-97: Executive committee of board; powers; limitations; minutes

17:13-98: Examining committee; members; audit or examination of credit union

17:13-99: Special meeting called by examining committee; suspension of officer or member

17:13-100: Credit committee

17:13-101: Issuance of shares and certificates; deposits; accounts offered; trustee or custodian of accounts and funds; payment of dividends

17:13-101.1: Savings promotion conducted by credit union.

17:13-102: Minors; transactions; membership privileges

17:13-103: Withdrawal of funds for payment; nonmembers; retirement of shares

17:13-104: Loans to members; security; interest; fees; lien on accounts

17:13-105: Manner of payment of loans to members

17:13-106: Credit to director, officer, employee, or committee member; participation in determination of question of interest

17:13-107: Investment of funds

17:13-108: Inactive accounts; special reserve accounts; escheat of funds

17:13-109: Gross earnings; reserve funds; contributions; regulation of reserve requirements

17:13-110: Merger of credit unions

17:13-111: Annual report by credit union; violations, penalties.

17:13-112: Supervision and examination by commissioner; exhibition of papers and documents; subpenas; perjury

17:13-113: Expenses of examination

17:13-114: Discontinuation of illegal activity; order

17:13-115: Violation of law, unauthorized actions, or refusal to be examined; institution of court action for possession

17:13-116: Injunctions; receivers; other relief or correction

17:13-117: Possession by commissioner of property and business; dissolution of credit union; trustees in dissolution

17:13-118: Continuation of business by commissioner; authority and powers

17:13-119: Assistant deputy commissioners; employment of counsel and other expert assistance; powers on receivership of commissioner and members

17:13-120: Notice of possession of business and property by commissioner; stay of levies and executions

17:13-121: Grievance with action of commissioner; court proceedings for injunction

17:13-122: Voluntary dissolution; liquidation; notice to authorities; suspension of activities; approval of members; wind-up of affairs; distribution of assets;

17:13-123: Conversion to or from a federal credit union

17:13-124: Credit union advisory council

17:13-125: Rules and regulations