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Chapter: 16C -

17:16C-1: Definitions

17:16C-2: Necessity of license

17:16C-3: License application

17:16C-4: Issuance or refusal of license

17:16C-5: Notice and hearing on refusal of license

17:16C-6: License; specification of office or branch; transferability; transaction of business under other names or at other locations

17:16C-7: Application fee for sales finance companies, license period.

17:16C-8: Motor vehicle installment seller; license, application fee.

17:16C-9: Abatement in amount of fee; expiration of license

17:16C-10: Grounds for refusal to issue, revocation, suspension, refusal to renew license

17:16C-11: Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew particular license or all licenses issued to licensee

17:16C-12: Surrender of license; effect upon civil or criminal liability

17:16C-13: Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license not to impair obligation of lawful retail installment contract or retail charge account

17:16C-14: Reinstatement of suspended licenses or issuance of new licenses after revocation

17:16C-15: Investigations by commissioner

17:16C-16: Subpoenas; oaths and affirmations; power to administer

17:16C-17: Failure to comply with subpoena; order of superior court; contempt

17:16C-18: Maintenance of books, accounts and records.

17:16C-19: Preservation of books, accounts, records, annual report; violations, penalties.

17:16C-20: Information to be shown in books, accounts and records

17:16C-21: Retail installment contract; writing required; agreements between retail buyer and seller; signatures

17:16C-22: Contents of retail installment contract; blank spaces

17:16C-23: Copy of contract to be furnished to buyer

17:16C-24: Notice to buyer in retail installment contract

17:16C-25: Acknowledgment by buyer of receipt of copy of contract

17:16C-26: Payment of time balances, terms; exceptions

17:16C-27: Separate items to be set forth in retail installment contract

17:16C-28: Inclusion in retail installment contract of additional goods purchased after original agreement; additional statements

17:16C-29: Allocation of payment on continuing agreement after addition of additional purchases; prepayment; redemption of separate purchases

17:16C-30: Insurance at retail buyer's expense; dual protection

17:16C-31: Selection of insurer acceptable to retail seller; inclusion of premium in contract; cancellation of insurance by holder after repossession and sale

17:16C-32: Notice that policy required in sale of motor vehicle includes no liability or property damage coverage

17:16C-33: Additional insurance; cancellation rights

17:16C-34: Cancellation of insurance policies; crediting next maturing installment of contract with refund

17:16C-34.1: Retail charge account; terms; regulations; effective date of accounts

17:16C-35: Prohibited contract provisions; acceleration clause

17:16C-36: Waiver of right of action by retail buyer against seller, holder, etc.

17:16C-37: Power of attorney to confess judgment; other powers of attorney

17:16C-38: Relief of retail seller from liability under contract

17:16C-38.1: Remedy of buyer against seller; provision relieving holder or other assignee from liability; prohibition

17:16C-38.2: Form, terms of consumer notes

17:16C-38.3: Violations; penalty

17:16C-38.4: Execution of note in violation of act; disallowance of finance, collection, etc., charges

17:16C-39: Assignment of salary, wages, commissions or other compensation for services

17:16C-39.1: Real property mortgage as additional security; prohibition

17:16C-40: Loan of money or advance of credit to retail buyer; rate of interest

17:16C-40.1: Loan secured by purchase money security interest to finance purchase of motor vehicle

17:16C-40.2: Violation of provisions; revocation or suspension of license

17:16C-41: Time price differential; rates; computation

17:16C-42: Delinquency or collection charge for default; attorney's fees; return check fee

17:16C-43: Prepayment; credit on account

17:16C-44: Extending due date of contract or installment payment; options

17:16C-44.1: Retail charge account; time price differential; rate; computation

17:16C-45: Limitation on sale, transfer or assignment of obligation or evidence of indebtedness by retail seller

17:16C-46: Sale, transfer or assignment without notice to retail buyer; payment or tender to last known holder

17:16C-47: Assignment of aggregation of retail installment contracts as collateral security for bona fide commercial loan

17:16C-47.1: Purchases of retail installment contract or retail charge account by sales finance company; terms, conditions and price

17:16C-48: Furnishing statement of retail buyer's account

17:16C-49: Receipt for payment; contents

17:16C-50: Additional charges prohibited; exceptions

17:16C-51: Collection of charges if sale not made prohibited; status of deposit on contemplated purchase of goods

17:16C-52: Payment in full of retail installment contract

17:16C-53: Certificate of ownership delivered to retail buyer upon final payment

17:16C-54: Unauthorized costs and charges

17:16C-55: Doing business without license; penalty

17:16C-56: Violations of act; penalty; enforcement by summary proceedings

17:16C-57: Partial invalidity

17:16C-58: Repeals

17:16C-58.1: Date of application of act; validity of transactions prior to effective date of act

17:16C-59: Continuation of license under former act

17:16C-60: Short title

17:16C-61: Effective date

17:16C-61.1: Short title

17:16C-61.2: Remedial legislation; liberal construction

17:16C-61.3: Legislative findings

17:16C-61.4: Definitions

17:16C-61.5: Rescission; duties of buyer and seller; exception of certain sales; record of buyer's notice

17:16C-61.6: Receipt; form and content

17:16C-61.7: Action to recover amount paid

17:16C-61.8: Violations by seller

17:16C-61.9: Rights and remedies of act are in addition to and cumulative of other rights

17:16C-62: Definitions

17:16C-63: Home repair contracts; form and contents

17:16C-64: Prohibited contract provisions

17:16C-64.1: Relief from liability; prohibited contract provisions

17:16C-64.2: Form, terms of consumer notes; contractor's bond

17:16C-64.3: Unlawful procurement of consumer note; penalty

17:16C-64.4: Execution of note in violation of act; recovery of finance charges prohibited

17:16C-65: Place of business within state; operation as individual, partnership or corporation; workmen's compensation and liability insurance; copy of contract

17:16C-66: Certificate of completion; request or acceptance prior to completion of work prohibited; notice in certificate

17:16C-67: Separate disclosure statements in contract

17:16C-68: Payment of time balance; extension of scheduled due date; options for computing additional charge

17:16C-69: Credit service charge

17:16C-70: Additional charges prohibited; exceptions

17:16C-71: Delinquency or collection charge for default in payment; attorney's fees

17:16C-72: Receipt for payment; payment or tender to last known holder in absence of notice of assignment

17:16C-73: Prepayment; credit on account; payment without penalty

17:16C-74: Furnishing statement of owner's account

17:16C-75: Duties of holder upon payment in full of home repair contract

17:16C-76: Unauthorized costs and charges

17:16C-77: Doing business without license prohibited; home repair salesman's license; home financing agency; nontransferability of license

17:16C-78: Application for license

17:16C-79: Issuance or refusal of license

17:16C-80: Notice and hearing upon refusal of license

17:16C-81: Transaction of business under other names or at other locations; change of location or employer

17:16C-82: License fees payable by home financing agency.

17:16C-83: Abatement in amount of license fee; expiration of license

17:16C-84: Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew license; notice; grounds

17:16C-85: Investigations by commissioner; oaths and affirmations; power to administer

17:16C-86: Issuance of subpoenas; failure to comply; order of superior court; contempt

17:16C-87: Maintenance, preservation of books, accounts, records, annual report; violations, penalties.

17:16C-88: Sale, transfer or assignment of obligation or evidence

17:16C-89: Violations; penalties; enforcement

17:16C-90: Partial invalidity

17:16C-93: Short title

17:16C-94: Effective date

17:16C-95: Short title

17:16C-96: Remedial legislation; liberal construction

17:16C-97: Legislative findings

17:16C-98: Definitions

17:16C-99: Rescission; duties of buyer and seller; exclusion of certain sales

17:16C-100: Receipt; form and content

17:16C-101: Action to recover amount paid

17:16C-102: Violations by home repair contractor

17:16C-103: Rights and remedies of act are in addition to or cumulative of other rights