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Chapter: 16F - Legislative findings and declarations

17:16F-1: Legislative findings and declarations

17:16F-2: Definitions

17:16F-3: Discrimination in acceptance of applications, grants, modification, etc., or discouragement or refusal to allow application or inquiry; prohibition

17:16F-7: Action for violations; damages; amount

17:16F-8: Investigations; power of commissioner; subpenas and orders to testify; enforcement

17:16F-9: Order to cease and desist

17:16F-10: Violations after cease and desist order; penalty

17:16F-11: Regulations

17:16F-11.1: Certain offenses shall not cause discrimination when applying for mortgage; violations, penalties.

17:16F-12: Findings, declarations

17:16F-13: Rules, regulations

17:16F-14: Annual report to the Legislature

17:16F-15: Definitions

17:16F-17: Transfer of mortgage loan to purchasing servicing organization

17:16F-18: Disbursement of escrow funds by mortgagee or servicing organization

17:16F-19: Payment of mortgagor's property tax

17:16F-23: Written notice of property tax delinquency payment

17:16F-24: Notification to mortgagee of tax delinquency

17:16F-25: Failure to resolve tax payment delinquency

17:16F-26: Unpaid property taxes, mortgagor may sue mortgagee

17:16F-27: Short title.

17:16F-28: Definitions relative to mortgage servicers.

17:16F-29: Licensure for mortgage servicer required; exceptions.

17:16F-30: Issuance of mortgage servicer license; requirements.

17:16F-31: Filing of information relative to mortgages serviced.

17:16F-32: License not transferable or assignable; surrender; name change.

17:16F-33: Expiration of initial license; renewals; fees.

17:16F-34: Exemptions from licensure; required filings.

17:16F-35: Exemptions to maintain adequate records.

17:16F-36: Disclosures to mortgagor.

17:16F-37: Compliance with federal laws, regulations.

17:16F-38: Schedule of fees.

17:16F-39: Prohibited actions.

17:16F-40: Authority of commissioner.

17:16F-41: Suspension, revocation, failure to renew license.

17:16F-42: Violators barred from acting as residential mortgage servicer.

17:16F-43: Civil penalty.

17:16F-44: Construction of act.

17:16F-45: Inapplicability.

17:16F-46: Rules, regulations.