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Chapter: 18 - Powers and duties generally

17:18-1: Powers and duties generally

17:18-2: Membership in federal home loan bank

17:18-3: Dealing in real estate; disposition of unnecessary real estate

17:18-4: Purchase of stock of other companies

17:18-5: Reinsurance

17:18-6: Loan for defraying expenses

17:18-8: Engaging in other business

17:18-9: Maximum amounts of individual risks

17:18-10: Advertisement of assets to include liabilities

17:18-12: Disability benefits not liable to execution, attachment, garnishment, etc.; rights of creditors

17:18-13: Title insurance companies; reserve of gross fees and premiums; charges against reserve

17:18-14: Title insurance companies; loss reserve

17:18-15: Allocation of reserve of fees and premiums

17:18-16: Payment of taxes, charges and fees authorized unless laws imposing them have been held invalid

17:18-17: Furnishing accounting record of compensation to or on behalf of holder of policy to holder

17:18-18: Violations; penalty

17:18-19: Definitions relative to vehicle protection product warranties.

17:18-20: Requirements for issuance of vehicle protection product warranty.

17:18-21: Registration for warrantor required.

17:18-22: Conditions for express warranty.

17:18-23: Registration not required for nonwarrantor.

17:18-24: Vehicle protection product not required for sale, financing.

17:18-25: Noncompliance prior to effective date.

17:18-26: Violation, unlawful practice.