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Chapter: 1C - Training program for volunteers

17:1C-6.1: Training program for volunteers

17:1C-19: Findings, declarations relative to the Department's expenses

17:1C-20: Certification of expenses incurred, apportionment

17:1C-20.1: Distribution of special purpose apportionment

17:1C-21: Filing of objections to apportionment

17:1C-22: Commissioner's findings, notice

17:1C-23: Notice of delinquency

17:1C-24: Action for recovery

17:1C-25: No action, proceeding maintained in court for delaying collection, payment

17:1C-26: Procedure exclusive

17:1C-27: Failure, refusal to pay, notice to Treasurer

17:1C-28: Collection of amount due

17:1C-29: Additional remedy

17:1C-30: Exemption from fees, charges

17:1C-31: Permitted increase in amount assessable.

17:1C-32: Rules, regulations

17:1C-33: Findings, declarations relative to funding mechanism for Division of Banking.

17:1C-34: Definitions relative to funding mechanism for Division of Banking.

17:1C-35: Certification of expenses incurred for administration of special administration of functions of Division of Banking; assessments.

17:1C-36: Objections to assessment, hearing.

17:1C-37: Transmission of findings to objector.

17:1C-38: Notice of delinquency, collection.

17:1C-39: Action for recovery.

17:1C-40: Action, proceeding.

17:1C-41: Exclusive procedure under act.

17:1C-42: Failure, refusal to pay, notice to Treasurer.

17:1C-43: Procedure for collection.

17:1C-44: Additional remedies.

17:1C-45: Exemption from certain fees and charges; remittance.

17:1C-46: Rules, regulations; contents.

17:1C-47: Total amount assessable.

17:1C-48: Liability for errors, penalties; third degree crime.