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Chapter: 22 - Effective date

17:22-5.2: Effective date

17:22-6.2a: Authorization entitling broker to receive insurance premium on behalf of insurer

17:22-6.14a: Rates of commission to be set forth in contracts; exceptions; termination of contracts.

17:22-6.14a1: Property and casualty insurers; filing of current underwriting guidelines

17:22-6.14a2: Notice of nonrenewal; identification of underwriting standards not met; liability for information to insurer as to reasons for nonrenewal

17:22-6.14a3: Rules and regulations by commissioner of insurance

17:22-6.14b: Severability

17:22-6.26: Repeals

17:22-6.35: Repeal

17:22-6.37: Acting for unauthorized companies; prohibition; exceptions

17:22-6.38: Violation; misdemeanor; penalties

17:22-6.39: Actions or proceedings by unauthorized insurers prohibited; exceptions

17:22-6.40: Short title; application of act

17:22-6.41: Definitions relative to surplus lines insurers.

17:22-6.42: Procurement of surplus line coverages; conditions

17:22-6.43: Eligibility for export of insurance coverage; conditions

17:22-6.44: Writing of coverages declared eligible for export without regard to rate filings

17:22-6.45: Eligibility as surplus lines insurer.

17:22-6.46: Withdrawal of eligibility; grounds; notice

17:22-6.47: Submission of affidavit, certification to surplus lines agent

17:22-6.48: Surplus lines examining office

17:22-6.49: Appropriation

17:22-6.50: Issuance and delivery of evidence of insurance

17:22-6.50a: Certificate of insurance; contents

17:22-6.52: Statement of surplus lines agent

17:22-6.53: Validity of contracts procured from unauthorized insurers

17:22-6.54: Liability of insurer

17:22-6.55a: Advisory organizations

17:22-6.57: Record of surplus lines contracts procured

17:22-6.58: Verified report of surplus lines insurance transacted

17:22-6.59: Premium receipts tax for surplus lines coverage.

17:22-6.60: Suit for tax

17:22-6.61: Suspension, revocation, refusal to renew license of surplus lines agents

17:22-6.62: Revocation for failure to file report or pay taxes; procedure; review

17:22-6.63: Lawsuits against unauthorized insurer

17:22-6.64: Report of insurance through unauthorized foreign, alien insurer.

17:22-6.65: Production of records and information upon order of commissioner

17:22-6.66: Partial invalidity

17:22-6.67: Effective date

17:22-6.68: Repeal

17:22-6.69: Repeal

17:22-6.69a: Short title.

17:22-6.69b: Designation as domestic surplus lines insurer.

17:22-6.69c: Notice to policyholder.

17:22-6.69d: Authority of commissioner to enter into compacts, agreements.

17:22-6.69e: Authority of commissioner to modify, terminate compacts, agreements.

17:22-6.69f: Authority to nullify commissioner's decision.

17:22-6.69g: Rules, regulations.

17:22-6.70: Short title

17:22-6.70a: Findings, declarations relative to surplus lines insurance.

17:22-6.71: Purpose, application of act.

17:22-6.72: Definitions relative to the Surplus Lines Insurance Guaranty Fund.

17:22-6.73: Surplus Lines Insurance Guaranty Fund.

17:22-6.74: Powers, duties and obligations of the Surplus Lines Insurance Guaranty Fund.

17:22-6.75: Financial support; surcharges; loans

17:22-6.76: Suspension of eligibility of member insurer or license of surplus lines agent; interest on unpaid assessment or surcharge; reinstatement

17:22-6.77: Declaration of insolvency, actions of commissioner.

17:22-6.78: Assignment of rights by person recovering.

17:22-6.79: Recovery of covered claims, exhaustion of other sources.

17:22-6.80: Examination of insurers in financial condition hazardous to policyholders or public; request to domiciliary jurisdiction for examination and report

17:22-6.81: Examination and regulation of fund; financial report

17:22-6.82: Immunity from liability of persons acting under this law

17:22-6.83: Coverage under this act; notice on application and policy or certificate; advertisement

17:22-6.84: Proceedings involving insolvent insurer stayed; conditions.