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Chapter: 22A -

17:22A-26: Short title

17:22A-27: Purpose of act

17:22A-28: Definitions relative to licensure of insurance producers

17:22A-29: Licensure required

17:22A-30: Construction of act; license not required

17:22A-31: Written examination, fee

17:22A-32: Application, approval.

17:22A-33: Issuance of resident insurance producer license

17:22A-34: Nonresident insurance producer license

17:22A-35: Exemptions from prelicensing education, examination

17:22A-36: Notification of assumed name

17:22A-37: Temporary license

17:22A-38: Requirements for license granting surplus lines authority.

17:22A-39: Insurance marketed through limited lines insurance producers

17:22A-40: Causes for probation, suspension, revocation, refusal to issue or renew.

17:22A-41: Licensure required for receipt of commission

17:22A-41.1: Notification by insurance producer to purchaser of compensation received by producer.

17:22A-42: Appointment of agents

17:22A-43: Immunity from civil liability

17:22A-44: Fees

17:22A-45: Powers of commissioner

17:22A-46: Fees, requirements for nonresident insurance producers, reciprocity

17:22A-47: Reports to commissioner.

17:22A-47.1: Temporary suspension for failure to report to commissioner; additional penalties.

17:22A-48: Rules, regulations

17:22A-49: Definitions relative to portable electronics insurance.

17:22A-50: License required to sell coverage.

17:22A-51: Vendor may offer insurance to consumers.

17:22A-52: Application for limited lines insurance producer; renewal, fee.

17:22A-53: Insurance offered on periodic basis; eligibility, underwriting standards.

17:22A-54: Availability of information to consumers.

17:22A-55: Billing, collection of charges.

17:22A-56: Rights, responsibilities of insurers.

17:22A-57: Violations, penalties.