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Chapter: 29A -

17:29A-1: Definitions

17:29A-2: License required; application; fee

17:29A-3: Insurers may be members of rating organizations

17:29A-4: Rates; establishment; considerations

17:29A-5: Statistical plans; rules and regulations; reports of experience; statistical agent

17:29A-5.1: Motor vehicle insurance; rating systems; rules and regulations

17:29A-5.6: Definitions.

17:29A-5.7: Annual profits report.

17:29A-5.8: Excess profits.

17:29A-5.9: First profits report

17:29A-5.10: Excess profit carry forward

17:29A-5.11: Certification

17:29A-5.12: Plan for refund, credit.

17:29A-5.13: Filing of report

17:29A-5.14: Alteration of aberrant, unusual, irregular data

17:29A-5.15: Submission of additional data

17:29A-5.16: Rules, regulations

17:29A-5.17: Review of filing; "qualified independent actuary" defined.

17:29A-6: Rating system to be filed

17:29A-7: Rating system, approval of; revision or modification

17:29A-7.1: Excess rate on specific risk; application; approval

17:29A-8: Information as to rates

17:29A-9: Reduction of rates; hearings; notes; order

17:29A-10: Uniform change in rates; application; order of approval or denial

17:29A-11: Commissioner, determination as to rates; factors to be considered

17:29A-12: Examination of rating organizations; costs

17:29A-13: Notice of withdrawal or expulsion of member of rating organization; readmission

17:29A-14: Filing of rate changes; hearing.

17:29A-15: Rates to be observed; rebates

17:29A-15.1: Premium credits

17:29A-15.2: Commission of producer unaffected by tort option.

17:29A-16: False information forbidden

17:29A-17: Violations

17:29A-18: Suspension of license; procedure

17:29A-19: Contributions to suspended organizations prohibited

17:29A-20: Suspended organizations not to do business

17:29A-21: Doing business without license a misdemeanor

17:29A-22: Penalties

17:29A-23: Commissioner, power to assess penalties; procedure

17:29A-24: Review; stay

17:29A-25: Exceptions to application of act; investigations as to classes of risks exempted

17:29A-26: Deputies

17:29A-27: Repeals

17:29A-28: Partial invalidity of act

17:29A-29: Advisory organizations; requirements; unfair practices

17:29A-30: Joint reinsurance; joint underwriting; laws governing; organization deemed insurer; unfair practices

17:29A-31: Examination of group engaged in joint reinsurance or joint underwriting

17:29A-32: Application of act

17:29A-33: Short title

17:29A-34: Intent and purpose of act.

17:29A-35: Motor Vehicle Violations Surcharge System.

17:29A-35.1: Surcharge debts of driver extinguished upon death.

17:29A-35.2: Outstanding obligations continued; new debts not issued.

17:29A-36: Contents of filing for automotive insurance rate making.

17:29A-36.1: Seat belt usage study

17:29A-36.2: Regulations

17:29A-36.3: Rules, regulations

17:29A-37: Taxes, licenses, fees and expenses; application on a flat and uniform fee basis per insured automobile statewide; regulation regarding calculation and

17:29A-37.1: Flat charges

17:29A-38: Reduction of rates; operators 65 years of age or older

17:29A-39: Deductibles.

17:29A-40: Inexperienced operator classification; producer commission

17:29A-41: Joint legislative committee; monitoring and evaluation

17:29A-46.1: Rating plans for auto insurance

17:29A-46.2: Underwriting rules; factors.

17:29A-46.3: Limitation of surcharges for motor vehicle points

17:29A-46.4: Initial rate filing

17:29A-46.5: Rules, regulations

17:29A-46.6: Proposed alteration to rating system, expedited.

17:29A-46.7: Regulations, administrative processes

17:29A-46.8: Definitions; standards for interventions in rate filings; offenses.

17:29A-48: Establishment of new territorial rating plans.

17:29A-49: Filing of territorial rating plan.

17:29A-50: Automobile Insurance Territorial Rating Plan Advisory Commission.

17:29A-51: Filing of rates by insurer writing private passenger automobile insurance; rate reductions.

17:29A-52: Automobile Insurance Consumer Bill of Rights.

17:29A-54: Short title.

17:29A-55: Definitions relative to certificates of insurance.

17:29A-56: Prohibition.

17:29A-57: Significance of certificate of insurance.

17:29A-58: Prohibited practices.

17:29A-59: Notice.

17:29A-60: Applicability.

17:29A-61: Violations, null and void.

17:29A-62: Powers of commissioner.