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Chapter: 29AA -

17:29AA-1: Short title

17:29AA-2: Purposes

17:29AA-3: Definitions.

17:29AA-4: Scope of application

17:29AA-5: Filing of rates, supplementary rate information changes, amendments.

17:29AA-5.1: Annual rate change for medical malpractice liability insurance.

17:29AA-6: Policy forms; filing; approval; special risks

17:29AA-7: Public inspection; filings and supporting information; copies

17:29AA-8: Rates; establishment

17:29AA-9: Rates; factors in establishment

17:29AA-10: Rates; prohibitions

17:29AA-11: Policy forms; prohibitions

17:29AA-12: Special risks; competition regarding rates and policy forms; order of commissioner

17:29AA-13: Order from commissioner relative to compliance with standards.

17:29AA-14: Premium for commercial line insurance; inducements; prohibition

17:29AA-15: Rate in excess of rate filing; application; approval

17:29AA-16: Rating system; statistical plan; rules and regulations; reports of experience

17:29AA-17: Special risks; records; examination

17:29AA-18: Rating organization; commercial lines insurance; applicable provisions of act

17:29AA-19: False or misleading information to rating organization or commissioner

17:29AA-20: Suspension of rating organization's license; notice; hearing; order of commissioner

17:29AA-21: Advisory organization; filing; hearing

17:29AA-22: Joint underwriting or joint reinsurance organization; filing; hearing

17:29AA-23: Examination; advisory, joint underwriting or joint reinsurance organizations; costs

17:29AA-24: Rates or rules; promise to use or adhere to; penalty

17:29AA-25: Apportionment and rate modifications; agreements among insurers; approval

17:29AA-26: Penalties; notice; hearing; suspension of licenses; certificate

17:29AA-27: Commissioner's order; review

17:29AA-28: Deputy commissioner; powers and duties

17:29AA-29: Regulations; implementation and enforcement of act

17:29AA-30: Commercial lines insurance; exemption from chapter 29A

17:29AA-31: Monitoring implementation and effect of act; recommendations

17:29AA-32: Approved rates and forms

17:29AA-33: Publication of summary concerning business interruption insurance.

17:29AA-34: Provision of summary by authorized insurer.