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Chapter: 30A -

17:30A-1: Short title

17:30A-2: Payment of covered claims.

17:30A-2.1: Findings, declarations relative to automobile insurance and consolidation of operations.

17:30A-2.2: Findings, declarations relative to transfer, consolidation of "the workers' compensation security fund."

17:30A-3: Severability

17:30A-4: Construction of act; inconsistent laws

17:30A-5: Definitions relative to the Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association.

17:30A-6: New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association.

17:30A-6.1: Transfer of functions, powers, duties to PLIGA.

17:30A-7: Board of directors

17:30A-8: Association's obligations, powers and duties.

17:30A-9: Plan of operation.

17:30A-10: Insolvent insurers; notices; revocation or suspension of certificate or authority.

17:30A-11: Subrogation; cooperation of claimant; settlement of claims; filing statements of claims paid; access to records.

17:30A-12: Recovery of covered claims, exhaustion of other sources.

17:30A-13: Examination of insurers possibly in financial condition hazardous to public; reports and recommendations on insolvency of insurers

17:30A-14: Examination and regulation by commissioner; financial report

17:30A-15: Exemption from fees and taxes

17:30A-16: Surcharges.

17:30A-17: Immunity from liability of persons acting under this law

17:30A-18: Stay of actions or set aside of judgments against insolvent insurers, certain.

17:30A-19: Termination of association as to kind of insurance with statutory or voluntary plan

17:30A-20: Prohibition of advertisement using association for purpose of sales or solicitation