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Chapter: 30D -

17:30D-1: Short title

17:30D-2: Purpose; application to medical malpractice liability insurance

17:30D-3: Definitions.

17:30D-4: Medical malpractice reinsurance association; creation; members; funds and reserves; accounts

17:30D-5: Powers and duties of association

17:30D-6: Temporary board of directors; powers and responsibilities

17:30D-7: Plan of operation; review and approval; certification; amendment.

17:30D-8: Insureds without availability of insurance; activation of association; designation of provider or direct basis insurance; acceptance of risks; noninte

17:30D-9: Medical malpractice reinsurance recovery fund; creation; purpose; contents; administration

17:30D-10: Additional premium charges on policies of medical malpractice liability insurance

17:30D-11: Recovery fund; custodian; disbursements; investment

17:30D-12: Rules and regulations; suspension or revocation of certificate of authority of insurer for noncompliance

17:30D-13: Emergency powers of commissioner upon activation of association; duration

17:30D-14: Severability

17:30D-15: Liberal construction

17:30D-17: Insurer to notify Medical Practitioner Review Panel of malpractice settlement, judgment, award.

17:30D-18: Conflicts of interest; violations; penalties.

17:30D-19: "Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance Purchasing Alliance;" definitions.

17:30D-20: Provisions concerning settlements of medical malpractice liability insurance policy.

17:30D-21: Offering of deductibles in medical malpractice liability insurance policy.

17:30D-22: Increase of premium prohibited, certain circumstances.

17:30D-23: Certification as to adequacy of rates.

17:30D-24: Mailing of notice of renewal, nonrenewal.

17:30D-25: Annual review of capitalization, reserve requirements.

17:30D-26: Option of installments for premium payments.

17:30D-27: Definitions relative to medical malpractice judgments; payment.

17:30D-28: Definitions relative to Medical Liability Insurance Premium Assistance Fund.

17:30D-29: Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance Premium Assistance Fund.

17:30D-30: Responsibilities of commissioner.

17:30D-31: Rules, regulations.