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Chapter: 33A -

17:33A-1: Short title

17:33A-2: Purpose of act

17:33A-3: Definitions.

17:33A-4: Violations

17:33A-5: Remedies; penalties; fund established

17:33A-5.1: Surcharge for insurance fraud.

17:33A-6: Statement on insurance claim forms

17:33A-7: Actions by insurance companies against violators

17:33A-8: Bureau of Fraud Deterrence.

17:33A-9: Alleged violations; civil liability; referrals; records.

17:33A-10: Subpena powers; violations by persons licensed by State.

17:33A-11: Handling of documents, records of investigations

17:33A-12: Regulations

17:33A-13: Annual report on activities and cost effectiveness

17:33A-14: Criminal prosecution

17:33A-15: Filing of plan for prevention, detection of fraudulent health, auto insurance claims

17:33A-16: Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor.

17:33A-17: Appointment; transfer of personnel.

17:33A-18: Establishment of liaison between office, other departments; responsibilities.

17:33A-19: Duties of Insurance Fraud Prosecutor.

17:33A-19.1: Additional investigatory and prosecutorial authority, referral for criminal prosecution.

17:33A-20: Establishment of Statewide fraud enforcement policy.

17:33A-21: Standards of performance for Fraud Investigatory Section.

17:33A-22: Maintenance of data base; reporting of claims information.

17:33A-23: Access to information provided to Insurance Fraud Prosecutor.

17:33A-24: Additional duties of office; annual report.

17:33A-25: Recommendation for suspension, revocation of professional license.

17:33A-26: Restitution; seizure of assets.

17:33A-27: Specific goals, strategies.

17:33A-28: Application for reimbursement.

17:33A-29: Provision of information from accident report.

17:33A-30: Certification of amount allocable to office expenses.