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Chapter: 35 - Application of article

17:35-1: Application of article

17:35-2: Incorporation

17:35-3: Commencing business

17:35-4: No new corporations after May 1, 1935; law applicable to corporations doing other business

17:35-5: Return of securities to companies reincorporating under article

17:35-6: Reserve or emergency fund

17:35-7: Directors or trustees

17:35-8: Annual report

17:35-9: Examinations; inquiries

17:35-10: Fixing fee, rates, etc.; evidence of notices

17:35-11: Eligibility for insurance; insurable interest; assignment

17:35-12: Reinsurance

17:35-13: Provisions of policies or certificates; payment of loss

17:35-14: Action to enjoin corporation from transacting further business

17:35-14.1: Mutual life insurance company, conversion of assessment company into; requirements

17:35-14.2: Reserves; policies in force at date of conversion; assessment rights cancelled

17:35-15: Application of article

17:35-16: Authorization to do business; requirements

17:35-17: Certificates to agents

17:35-18: Doing business without authority prohibited

17:35-19: Annual report

17:35-20: Examinations

17:35-21: Inquiries concerning affairs

17:35-22: Principal office and agent

17:35-23: "Agent" defined; penalty for acting as agent without authority

17:35-24: Revocation of authority

17:35-25: Fees

17:35-26: Policy or certificate forms, classification of risks and premiums or rates of contribution; filing with Commissioner; disapproval of forms, review

17:35-27: Policy or certificate granting natural death benefit

17:35-28: Policy or certificate granting sickness, bodily injury or accidental death benefits

17:35-29: Policy or certificate requirements generally

17:35-30: Reserve on policies or certificates granting natural death benefits

17:35-31: Penalty for violations; revocation of certificate of authority