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Chapter: 37A - Policy declaration for mandatory program of essential insurance

17:37A-1: Policy declaration for mandatory program of essential insurance

17:37A-2: Definitions

17:37A-3: Creation of association; membership

17:37A-4: Powers

17:37A-5: Board of directors; election or appointment

17:37A-6: Writings, expenses, profits and losses; participation by members

17:37A-7: Proposed plan of operation; provisions; review and approval; amendments; annual review

17:37A-8: Essential property insurance; application; contents; denial; appeal

17:37A-9: Ceding insurance to association

17:37A-10: Rates, rating plans and rating rules

17:37A-11: Appeal

17:37A-12: Orders of commissioner; review

17:37A-13: Reports of inspection

17:37A-14: Liability for statements in reports or communications

17:37A-15: Association's annual statement; contents, form

17:37A-16: Examination into affairs; hearings; expenses

17:37A-18: New Jersey insurance development fund; purpose; administration

17:37A-19: Privilege of doing business; surcharge upon premiums

17:37A-20: Establishment of fund; surcharge upon basic property insurance premiums; maximum

17:37A-21: Net value of fund; determination; amount

17:37A-22: Custodian of fund; disbursements; investments

17:37A-23: Insufficiency of fund to pay claims; appropriation

17:37A-24: Entry upon lands for examination

17:37A-25: Federal programs of reinsurance; participation

17:37A-26: Rules and regulations

17:37A-27: Reports from insurers concerning risks