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Chapter: 3B - Truth in lending; inconsistent state provisions

17:3B-1: Truth in lending; inconsistent state provisions

17:3B-2: Violation of truth in lending act and state law; civil actions

17:3B-3: Rules and regulations

17:3B-4: Short title

17:3B-5: Definitions

17:3B-6: Extension of credit under revolving credit plan

17:3B-7: Interest

17:3B-8: Periodic percentage rates

17:3B-9: Purchases and loans--differing terms

17:3B-10: Overdraft accounts

17:3B-11: Omitted installments

17:3B-12: Loans under a revolving credit plan

17:3B-13: Revolving credit plan prohibitions

17:3B-14: Collection costs

17:3B-15: Changes in terms

17:3B-16: Extension of closed end credit

17:3B-17: Interest

17:3B-18: Periodic percentage rates

17:3B-19: Additional charges.

17:3B-20: Deferred installments

17:3B-21: Insurance

17:3B-22: Prepayment in a closed end credit arrangement

17:3B-23: Closed end loan prohibitions

17:3B-24: Collection costs in a closed end credit arrangement

17:3B-25: Applicable federal law

17:3B-26: Administrative regulations

17:3B-27: Nonexclusivity

17:3B-29: Findings, declarations relative to bank revolving credit plans

17:3B-30: Definitions relative to bank revolving credit plans

17:3B-31: Bank permitted to offer credit under revolving credit plan

17:3B-32: Bank permitted to charge, collect periodic interest under revolving credit plan

17:3B-33: Periodic percentage rate, rates of interest may vary

17:3B-34: Additional interest, charges permitted

17:3B-35: Imposition of different terms

17:3B-36: Customary checking charges may be imposed

17:3B-37: Omission of monthly installments

17:3B-38: Insurance for borrower requested, required

17:3B-39: Imposition of late, delinquency charge

17:3B-40: Default by borrower, attorney's, collection agency's fee

17:3B-41: Terms of agreement, amendment

17:3B-42: Other laws not applicable; exceptions

17:3B-43: Nonexclusivity of act

17:3B-44: Charges considered interest

17:3B-45: Laws of State govern revolving credit plan, conditions

17:3B-46: Provisions of act may apply to any revolving credit plans