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Chapter: 44B -

17:44B-1: Definitions relative to fraternal benefit societies

17:44B-2: Fraternal benefit society

17:44B-3: Lodge system

17:44B-4: Representative form of government for society

17:44B-5: Purposes of society

17:44B-6: Specification of eligibility, admission, rights, etc.

17:44B-7: Location of principal office; reports

17:44B-8: Immunity of officers, members from personal liability

17:44B-9: Waiver of society's laws by subordinates prohibited

17:44B-10: Formation of domestic society

17:44B-11: Amendment of laws of domestic society

17:44B-12: Establishment of not-for-profit institutions

17:44B-13: Reinsurance agreement to cede risks

17:44B-14: Consolidation, merger

17:44B-15: Conversion to domestic mutual insurer

17:44B-16: Provision of contractual benefits

17:44B-17: Right to change beneficiary

17:44B-18: Issuance of certificate specifying amount of benefits

17:44B-19: Certificates issued in 1998, compliance with prior law; after 1998 requirements

17:44B-20: Investment of funds of society

17:44B-21: Holding, investment, disbursement of assets

17:44B-22: Societies governed by act

17:44B-23: Society declared charitable, benevolent institution

17:44B-24: Standards of valuation for certificates

17:44B-25: Filing of annual statement

17:44B-26: Authority to transact business, compliance with requirements of this act

17:44B-27: Societies subject to examination

17:44B-28: Licensing of foreign, alien society

17:44B-29: Domestic societies subject to C.17B:32-31 et seq.

17:44B-30: Deficiencies, notice of; corrections; remedies

17:44B-31: Application, petition for injunction by State

17:44B-32: Licensure of individual insurance producers; exemption for certain agents, member of fraternal benefits societies, conditions.

17:44B-33: Societies, agents subject to N.J.S.17B:30-1 et seq.

17:44B-34: Appointment of commissioner as attorney for foreign society

17:44B-35: Nonapplicability of act

17:44B-36: Violations, penalties

17:44B-37: Decisions, findings subject to review