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Chapter: 45 - Mutual benefit association defined

17:45-1: Mutual benefit association defined

17:45-2: Certificate of authority prerequisite to transacting business

17:45-3: Prerequisites to issuance of certificate; time for qualifying

17:45-4: Certificates; limitations; age limits; exceptions

17:45-5: Provisions required in death benefit certificates

17:45-6: Provisions required in accident and sick benefit certificates

17:45-7: Certain provisions prohibited; fees

17:45-8: Minimum guarantee fund; investment or deposit; replenishment

17:45-9: Benefit fund; use; additions; transfer of excess

17:45-10: Reserve fund; increases; amount annually certified to commissioner

17:45-11: Expense fund; contracts for payment of fees; certain contracts prohibited; investments

17:45-12: Annual statement; time for filing; extension; inquiries by commissioner

17:45-13: Failure to file annual statement or answer inquiries; penalty; authority to cease on notice

17:45-14: Examination of companies; expenses; expenses when association insolvent; gifts to authorities prohibited

17:45-16: Fees to be paid by association

17:45-17: Penalty for violation; recovery; misrepresentation by employee or agent a misdemeanor

17:45-18: Chapter inapplicable to certain associations and companies

17:45-19: Certificates issued under prior law continued; conditions

17:45-20: Partial unconstitutionality; chapter void if section 17:45-18 invalid

17:45-21: Chapter inapplicable to certain associations

17:45-22: Death benefits payable notwithstanding section 17:45-21 or other laws

17:45-23: Minimum assets