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Chapter: 46B - Certain words defined

17:46B-1: Certain words defined

17:46B-2: Short title.

17:46B-3: Application of act

17:46B-4: Severability

17:46B-5: Compliance with act required

17:46B-6: Corporate form required

17:46B-7: Financial requirement

17:46B-8: Procedure when capital impaired

17:46B-9: Determination of insurability required

17:46B-10: Power to insure titles to real estate

17:46B-10.1: Maintenance of separate record of receipts, disbursements representing proceeds of real estate transactions.

17:46B-11: Prohibition upon guaranteeing mortgages and completion

17:46B-12: Prohibition against transacting other kinds of insurance; prohibition against other kinds of insurance companies transacting title insurance

17:46B-13: Prohibition against the practice of law

17:46B-14: Statutory premium reserve

17:46B-15: Amount of statutory premium reserve; release thereof

17:46B-16: Maintenance of the statutory premium reserve

17:46B-17: Use of the statutory premium reserve on liquidation, dissolution or insolvency

17:46B-18: Reserve for unpaid losses and loss expense

17:46B-19: Net retained liability

17:46B-20: Power to reinsure

17:46B-21: Minimum capital

17:46B-22: Funds in excess of minimum capital, other than statutory premium reserve

17:46B-22.1: Valuation of securities held by title insurance company; violations; penalties

17:46B-23: Statutory premium reserve

17:46B-24: Investments acquired before effective date

17:46B-25: Requisites for foreign and alien title insurance companies to do business

17:46B-26: Foreign and alien title insurance companies

17:46B-27: Mergers and consolidations of title insurance companies

17:46B-30.1: Licensure, permission to act as insurance producer for title insurance company

17:46B-34: Commissions; no right to pay

17:46B-35: Rebates or reduced fees

17:46B-36: Examination of records

17:46B-37: Additional penalty

17:46B-38: Permitted division of fees

17:46B-39: Personal or controlled insurance

17:46B-40: Enforcement

17:46B-41: General provisions

17:46B-42: Rate filing

17:46B-43: Justification for rates

17:46B-44: Proposing of rates

17:46B-45: Approval or disapproval of filings

17:46B-46: Title insurance rating organizations

17:46B-47: Deviations

17:46B-48: Appeal by minority

17:46B-49: Rate administration; authority and duties of commissioner; rules and regulations

17:46B-50: False or misleading information

17:46B-51: Penalties

17:46B-52: Hearing procedure

17:46B-53: Existing filings and hearings continued

17:46B-54: Forms of policies and other contracts of title insurance

17:46B-55: Annual statements of title insurance companies; form and content

17:46B-56: Records

17:46B-58: Examination of title insurance companies; when authorized or required

17:46B-59: Judicial review of commissioner's action

17:46B-60: Other sections applicable

17:46B-61: Repealer

17:46B-62: Effect of this act