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Chapter: 46C -

17:46C-1: Short title

17:46C-2: Legislative declarations

17:46C-3: Definitions

17:46C-4: Certificate of authority; persons entitled to transact business without; necessity for other persons; application; fee; exemptions

17:46C-5: Conditions for issuance; order stating person provides legal insurance

17:46C-6: Policy or master policy; certificate of coverage; forms; rating system; approval; hearings

17:46C-7: Transaction of business of legal insurance along with any other business; segregated accounts

17:46C-8: Management contract; approval

17:46C-9: Annual report by insurers; exceptions

17:46C-10: Reserves

17:46C-11: Investments

17:46C-12: Regulation of trade practices

17:46C-13: Rules and regulations

17:46C-14: Commissions to nonlicensees and rebates; prohibition

17:46C-15: Examination of insurers; expenses; payment

17:46C-16: Report of violations of Code of Professional Responsibility

17:46C-17: Suspension or revocation

17:46C-18: Liquidation or dissolution

17:46C-19: Fees; payment

17:46C-20: Retaliatory tax provisions; application

17:46C-21: Applications, filings and reports as public documents; application of attorney-client privilege; validity of independent judgment of attorney

17:46C-22: Unauthorized insurers; submission to jurisdiction of state

17:46C-23: Application of Titles 17 and 17B to insurers authorized to transact business under Subtitle 3

17:46C-24: Titles 17 and 17B; application to orders or rules and regulations; inapplicability to insurer authorized under this act

17:46C-25: Violations; penalty; enforcement; expenses for enforcement of act; payment

17:46C-26: Person transacting business prior to effective date; application; continuance of operation

17:46C-29: Nonapplicability of authority of commissioner to discipline or regulation of attorneys

17:46C-30: Severability

17:46C-31: Liberal construction of act