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Chapter: 48 -

17:48-1: Definitions

17:48-1.1: Hospital services for dental services

17:48-1.2: Application

17:48-1.3: Convalescent in registered nursing homes

17:48-1.4: Application

17:48-1.5: Health care services by voluntary visiting nurse organizations

17:48-1.6: Application

17:48-1.7: Additional powers; contract benefits; disapproval by commissioner; review

17:48-2: Operation as non-profit corporation; who may operate hospital service plan; certificate of authority

17:48-2.1: Hospital service corporation merger procedure

17:48-3: Issuance of certificate of authority; conditions and requirements; alteration or amendment of certificate

17:48-4: Applications for hospital service contracts as condition precedent to issuance of certificate of authority

17:48-5: Filing copy of certificate of incorporation; qualification of directors

17:48-6: Contracts; certificates; contents.

17:48-6a: Benefits for treatment of alcoholism

17:48-6aa: Contracts issued under C.17:48-1 et seq. required to cover certain out-of-network services.

17:48-6b: Benefits for reconstructive breast surgery

17:48-6bb: Hospital service corporation to offer coverage for domestic partner.

17:48-6c: Hospital service contracts

17:48-6cc: Hospital service corporation, high deductible, coverage for preventive care.

17:48-6d: Benefits for blood products, blood infusion equipment

17:48-6dd: Hospital service corporation, high deductible, deductible inapplicable, certain circumstances.

17:48-6e: Hospital service corporation insurance benefits for preexisting condition

17:48-6ee: Hospital service corporation, coverage for prescription female contraceptives.

17:48-6f: Hospital service corporation to pay benefits for treatment of Wilm's tumor

17:48-6ff: Hospital service corporation to provide benefits for orthotic and prosthetic appliances.

17:48-6g: Hospital service corporation contract, mammogram examination benefits.

17:48-6gg: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage for hearing aids for certain persons aged 15 or younger.

17:48-6h: Hospital service corporation, benefits for "off-label" drugs required

17:48-6hh: Hospital service corporation to provide installment payments to obstetrical provider for maternity services.

17:48-6i: Hospital service corporation, benefits of health promotion

17:48-6ii: Hospital service corporation to provide benefits for treatment of autism or other developmental disability.

17:48-6j: Requirements for hospital service corporation providing benefits for pharmacy services.

17:48-6jj: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage for oral anticancer medications.

17:48-6k: Benefits for certain cancer treatments

17:48-6kk: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage for sickle cell anemia.

17:48-6l: Coverage for birth and natal care; hospital service corporation

17:48-6ll: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage for prescription eye drops.

17:48-6m: Hospital service corporation contracts, child screening, blood lead, hearing loss; immunizations.

17:48-6mm: Hospital service corporation contract, coverage for synchronization of prescribed medications.

17:48-6n: Coverage for diabetes treatment by individual, group hospital service corporation

17:48-6nn: Hospital service corporation to provide benefits for treatment of substance use disorder.

17:48-6o: Hospital service corporation contract, Pap smear benefits

17:48-6oo: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage regardless of gender identity, expression.

17:48-6p: Hospital service corporation contract, prostate cancer testing

17:48-6q: Coverage for minimum inpatient care following mastectomy by individual, group hospital service corporation

17:48-6r: Applicability of Health Care Quality Act

17:48-6s: Coverage for treatment of inherited metabolic diseases by hospital service corporation.

17:48-6t: Coverage for treatment of domestic violence injuries by hospital service corporation.

17:48-6u: Coverage for certain dental procedures for the severely disabled or child age five or under by hospital service corporation

17:48-6v: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage for biologically-based mental illness.

17:48-6w: Coverage for hemophilia services by hospital service corporations

17:48-6x: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage for treatment of infertility.

17:48-6y: Hospital service corporation to provide coverage for colorectal cancer screening.

17:48-6z: Hospital service corporation prescription drug plans to cover certain infant formulas.

17:48-6.1: Group contracts issued by hospital service corporation.

17:48-6.10: Definitions

17:48-6.11: Group contract or individual group certificate; total disability of employee or member; continuation of coverage; conditions

17:48-6.12: Inapplicability of act if insurer not have right to terminate contract or certificate without consent of insured

17:48-6.13: Hospital service corporation to offer basic health care contracts

17:48-6.14: Basic health care contract; provisions

17:48-6.15: Coverage provided by hospital service corporation for subscriber's child

17:48-6.16: Requirements applicable to State Medicaid

17:48-6.17: Eligibility for enrollment in hospital service corporation

17:48-6.18: Hospital service corporation contract, exclusion, rates, terms based on genetic information prohibited

17:48-6.19: Coverage for certain dependents until age 31 by hospital service corporation.

17:48-6.2: Provisions applicable to group contracts; subscriber defined

17:48-6.3: Group contract form

17:48-6.4: Participation agreements

17:48-6.5: Schedule of rates

17:48-6.6: Combined hospital-medical contracts

17:48-6.7: Review of determinations of commissioner of banking and insurance

17:48-6.8: Review of practices, rules and procedures of hospital service corporation

17:48-6.9: Adjustment of rates; experience rating formulas; approval

17:48-7: Health care facilities eligible for contracts; approval of rates of payment

17:48-8: Filing of copy of contract or certificate and applications, etc., with commissioner; disapproval

17:48-8.1: Hospital service corporation contract; compliance

17:48-8.2: Filing of contract or related form

17:48-8.3: Contract forms; certification memorandum

17:48-8.4: Hospital service corporation to receive, transmit transactions electronically; standards.

17:48-9: Schedule of rates; filing; disapproval by Commissioner

17:48-10: Solicitation and administrative expenses; investment of funds; surplus

17:48-11: Statement of financial condition; inquiries by Commissioner; penalties

17:48-12: Examination of assets and liabilities and affairs; expenses; duty to exhibit books, records and accounts

17:48-12.1: Definitions.

17:48-12.2: Increase in amount of capital or surplus required of hospital service corporation.

17:48-12.3: Determination of increase, revision or redetermination; factors.

17:48-12.4: Suspension, revocation to do business.

17:48-12.5: Rules, regulations.

17:48-14: Fees

17:48-15: Violations of Act; penalties; enforcement

17:48-16: Disputes between corporation and hospitals; review

17:48-17: Application of chapter

17:48-18: Corporation as charitable and benevolent institution; exemption from taxation