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Chapter: 48C - Objects and purposes

17:48C-1: Objects and purposes

17:48C-2: Definitions

17:48C-3: Nonprofit corporation; restrictions as to methods of diagnosis and treatment; dissolution

17:48C-4: Certificate of authority; application; issuance; amendment

17:48C-4.1: Supplying administrative services by dental service corporation

17:48C-5: Standards in reviewing application

17:48C-6: Board of trustees; membership; chairman

17:48C-7: Contracts; provisions

17:48C-8: Written contracts required; subscription certificate; provisions required

17:48C-8.1: Dental service corporation to receive, transmit transactions electronically.

17:48C-8.2: Dental service corporation to offer coverage for domestic partner.

17:48C-8.3: Payment of out-of-network benefits by dental service corporation.

17:48C-9: Additional payments by subscribers

17:48C-10: Liability of corporation for injuries

17:48C-11: Formal requirements for subscription certificates

17:48C-12: Participating dentists; payments for dental services

17:48C-13: Filing form of subscription certificate; disapproval

17:48C-14: Schedule of rates; filing; disapproval

17:48C-15: Agreements with dentists; approval of payments; corporate records

17:48C-16: Group contract; description; benefits; "employees" defined

17:48C-17: Application of act to group contracts; "subscriber" defined

17:48C-18: Written group contracts required; provisions; additional payment

17:48C-18.1: Alternative dental coverage; original coverage restricted to limited number of providers

17:48C-18.2: Employer contribution

17:48C-18.3: Rules and regulations

17:48C-19.1: Adjustment of rate of premium for dental service corporations, certain circumstances.

17:48C-20: Agreements for participation with other corporations for issuance of group contracts.

17:48C-21: Experience rates required; filing; disapproval

17:48C-22: Practices, rules and procedures subject to review; orders; disapproval; judicial review

17:48C-23: Fees

17:48C-24: Disbursements by corporation

17:48C-25: Investments; surplus

17:48C-26: Statement of financial condition; inquiries by commissioner

17:48C-27: Failure to file statement or answer inquiries; penalty

17:48C-28: Examination of assets and affairs

17:48C-28.1: Definitions.

17:48C-28.2: Increase in amount of capital or surplus required of dental service corporation.

17:48C-28.3: Determination of increase, revision or redetermination; factors.

17:48C-28.4: Suspension, revocation of authority to do business.

17:48C-28.5: Rules, regulations.

17:48C-30: Violations of chapter; penalty and recovery thereof; misdemeanors

17:48C-31: Grants or allocation of funds

17:48C-32: Corporation as charitable and benevolent institution; tax exemption

17:48C-33: Partial invalidity

17:48C-34: Application of act

17:48C-35: Liberal construction

17:48C-36: Short title