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Chapter: 48D - Title of act

17:48D-1: Title of act

17:48D-2: Definitions.

17:48D-3: Application for certificate of authority.

17:48D-3.1: Consultants

17:48D-3.2: Fiduciary capacity of consultants; compensation

17:48D-3.3: Report regarding finders

17:48D-4: Notice of modification of information.

17:48D-5: Conditions for issuance; notice of disapproval.

17:48D-6: General surplus of plan

17:48D-7: Special contingent surplus for organizations using more than 20 full-time dentists

17:48D-8: Fidelity bonding of officers, etc., malpractice insurance of dentists.

17:48D-9: Evidence of coverage.

17:48D-9.1: Alternative dental coverage; original coverage restricted to limited number of providers

17:48D-9.2: Employer contribution

17:48D-9.3: Rules and regulations

17:48D-9.4: Dental plan organization to receive, transmit transactions electronically.

17:48D-9.5: Dental plan organization to offer coverage for domestic partner.

17:48D-9.6: Payment of out-of-network benefits by dental plan organization.

17:48D-10: Schedule of premiums, approval by commissioner; establishment of premiums.

17:48D-11: Books, records; examination, inspection by commissioner.

17:48D-11.1: Definitions.

17:48D-11.2: Increase in amount of capital or surplus required of dental plan organization.

17:48D-11.3: Determination of increase, revision or redetermination; factors.

17:48D-11.4: Suspension, revocation of authority to do business.

17:48D-11.5: Rules, regulations.

17:48D-12: Complaint system, records.

17:48D-13: Annual report; filing; forms.

17:48D-14: Percentage of premiums used for payments.

17:48D-15: False or misleading advertising; enforcement.

17:48D-16: Suspension, revocation of certificate of authority.

17:48D-17: Cease and desist orders

17:48D-18: Violations; civil penalty.

17:48D-20: Applications, filings and reports treated as public documents

17:48D-21: Confidentiality of diagnostic, treatment information.

17:48D-23: Rules and regulations

17:48D-24: Severability