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Chapter: 48F -

17:48F-1: Definitions relative to prepaid prescription service organizations.

17:48F-2: Prepaid prescription service organization, certificate of authority.

17:48F-3: Application for certificate of authority, requirements.

17:48F-4: Review of application.

17:48F-5: Modification of matter, document, filing required; fixing of charges; filing of benefits offered.

17:48F-6: Filing for approval by other insurers, etc.

17:48F-7: Rights of prepaid prescription service organization.

17:48F-8: Contract for provision of services.

17:48F-9: Issuance of evidence of coverage.

17:48F-10: Prepaid prescription service organization deemed domestic insurer.

17:48F-11: Complaint system established.

17:48F-12: Examination by commissioner.

17:48F-13: Terms, conditions required in contracts.

17:48F-13.1: Prepaid prescription service organization to receive, transmit transactions electronically; standards.

17:48F-13.2: Prepaid prescription service organization, coverage for prescription female contraceptives.

17:48F-14: Maintenance of tangible net equity.

17:48F-15: Deposit of case, securities; net worth requirement.

17:48F-16: Maintenance of fidelity bond.

17:48F-17: Annual report.

17:48F-17.1: Definitions.

17:48F-17.2: Increase in amount of capital or surplus required of prepaid prescription service organization.

17:48F-17.3: Determination of increase, revision or redetermination; factors.

17:48F-17.4: Suspension, revocation of authority to do business.

17:48F-17.5: Rules, regulations.

17:48F-18: Suspension, revocation of certificate of authority.

17:48F-19: Notification of suspension, revocation of certificate of authority.

17:48F-20: Maintenance of insurance to cover insolvency.

17:48F-21: Rehabilitation, liquidation, conservation of prepaid prescription service organization.

17:48F-22: Order of rehabilitation.

17:48F-23: Providers enjoined from billing enrollees, beneficiaries under order of rehabilitation.

17:48F-24: Inapplicability of C.17B:32A-1 et seq.

17:48F-25: Application, examination fees.

17:48F-26: Violations; penalties.

17:48F-27: Cease and desist order; injunctive relief.

17:48F-28: Confidentiality of data, information.

17:48F-29: Rules, regulations.