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Chapter: 48H -

17:48H-1: Definitions relative to organized delivery systems for health care services, benefits

17:48H-2: Certification, licensure, required

17:48H-3: Application for certification.

17:48H-4: Form, contents of application.

17:48H-5: Review of application.

17:48H-6: Notice of change, modification.

17:48H-7: Suspension, revocation of certification, grounds.

17:48H-8: Notification of grounds for suspension, revocation of certification.

17:48H-9: Fees.

17:48H-10: Civil administrative penalty.

17:48H-11: Application for licensure.

17:48H-12: Form, contents of application.

17:48H-13: Review of application.

17:48H-14: Notice of change, modification

17:48H-15: Services provided by licensed organized delivery system.

17:48H-16: Treatment of organized delivery system as domestic insurer

17:48H-17: Examination of licensed organized delivery system

17:48H-18: Contracts with providers, mandatory terms

17:48H-19: Minimum net worth

17:48H-20: Deposit of cash, securities

17:48H-21: Maintenance of fidelity bond

17:48H-22: Annual report

17:48H-22.1: Definitions.

17:48H-22.2: Increase in amount of capital or surplus required of licensed organized delivery system.

17:48H-22.3: Determination of increase, revision or redetermination; factors.

17:48H-22.4: Suspension, revocation of authority to do business.

17:48H-22.5: Rules, regulations.

17:48H-23: Suspension, revocation of license, grounds

17:48H-24: Notification of grounds for suspension, revocation of license

17:48H-25: Plan for insolvency, insurance

17:48H-26: Rehabilitation, liquidation, conservation of licensed organized delivery system

17:48H-27: Licensed organized delivery system exempt from guaranty association act, C.17B:32A-1 et seq.

17:48H-28: Fees

17:48H-29: Civil administrative penalty

17:48H-30: Confidentiality of data, information; exceptions

17:48H-31: Notification of change of means for receipt of compensation.

17:48H-32: Rules, regulations.

17:48H-33: Applicability of health care quality act.

17:48H-33.1: Adoption, implementation of standards by organized delivery system for electronic transactions.

17:48H-33.2: Organized delivery system subject to regulations under C.17B:30-26 et seq.

17:48H-34: Provision of data, reports

17:48H-35: Documents deemed proprietary, confidential.