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Chapter: 9A -

17:9A-1: Definitions

17:9A-2: Application of act.

17:9A-2.1: Authority of commissioner relative to out-of-State supervisor

17:9A-3: Incorporation; certificate of incorporation; officers, directors and employees as incorporators

17:9A-4: Capital stock and surplus

17:9A-5: Reserve for organization expense

17:9A-6: Capital stock; par value and classes

17:9A-6.1: Authorized but unissued stock provided for

17:9A-6.2: Certificate of amendment, procedure, filing

17:9A-6.3: Consideration for issue; preemptive rights

17:9A-7: Incorporation of savings bank

17:9A-8: Capital deposits; payment

17:9A-8.1: Definitions

17:9A-8.2: Capital stock savings bank incorporation

17:9A-8.3: Capital stock; reserve fund; surplus

17:9A-8.4: Application for charter; provisions governing

17:9A-8.5: Provision for authorized but unissued stock

17:9A-8.6: Certificate of incorporation; amendments; provisions governing

17:9A-8.7: Bylaws; powers of stockholders; provisions governing

17:9A-8.8: Annual meetings; voting rights and liability of stockholders; books and records; provisions governing

17:9A-8.9: Dividends; law applicable

17:9A-8.10: Stock options; law applicable

17:9A-8.11: Mergers with savings banks; provisions governing

17:9A-8.12: Savings bank laws control

17:9A-8.13: Savings bank; conversion into capital stock savings bank

17:9A-8.14: Plan of conversion

17:9A-8.15: Capital structure; converted bank

17:9A-8.16: Federal savings bank; conversion

17:9A-8.17: Rules and regulations

17:9A-9: Application for charter

17:9A-10: Hearing on application for charter; notice and publication

17:9A-11: Hearing on application for charter; approval

17:9A-12: Filing of certificate of incorporation; amendment prior to payment of capital stock or capital deposits

17:9A-13: Beginning of corporate existence; certificate of incorporation as evidence

17:9A-14: Certificate of authority

17:9A-15: Review of refusal to issue certificate of authority

17:9A-16: Organization of a bank or savings bank at location occupied by a bank or savings bank in process of or in contemplation of liquidation

17:9A-17: Dissolution of bank or savings bank on failure to obtain certificate of authority, or to commence business

17:9A-17.1: Definitions

17:9A-17.2: Conversion of capital stock savings bank, bank; proceedings

17:9A-17.3: Contents of application

17:9A-17.4: Requirements for conversion approval

17:9A-17.5: Other conditions for conversions under mergers

17:9A-17.6: Notification to applicant

17:9A-17.7: Filing of certificate of incorporation

17:9A-18: Names of banks, savings banks; use, certain, waiver.

17:9A-18.1: Persons ineligible to serve as officer, director, employee.

17:9A-18.2: Penalty

17:9A-19: Communication terminal facility; capital requirements

17:9A-19.1: Certain branch offices not affected by act

17:9A-19.2: Authority for insured depository institution to act as agent for affiliate; construction of "control"; authority of commissioner

17:9A-20: Application for establishment of full branch office, minibranch office, communication terminal facility

17:9A-20.1: Establishment, maintenance of out-of-State branch offices

17:9A-20.2: . Powers of out-of-State banks operating branch office in State

17:9A-20.3: Out-of-State, national bank; establishment, maintenance of additional branch office

17:9A-20.4: Short title

17:9A-20.5: Establishment of trust office

17:9A-21: Termination of right to open, operate branch office; discontinuance

17:9A-22: Changing location of office

17:9A-23: Change of location from principal to branch office

17:9A-23.1: Auxiliary offices

17:9A-23.2: Auxiliary office, establishment, location

17:9A-23.3: Business which may be transacted at auxiliary office

17:9A-23.4: Business to be transacted with persons outside the structure

17:9A-23.5: Property which may be used for auxiliary office; limitation on cost; parking facilities

17:9A-23.6: Auxiliary office not deemed branch office

17:9A-23.7: Certain powers of banks not affected

17:9A-23.8: Distances, measurement for purposes of act

17:9A-23.9: Establishment of branch offices on army, navy or air force installations

17:9A-23.10: Investigation and hearing; requirements and conditions to approval of application

17:9A-23.11: Branch offices, location, removal, interchange

17:9A-23.12: Law applicable to branch offices on army, navy or air force installations

17:9A-23.13: Bank defined

17:9A-23.50: Definitions relative to emergency banking

17:9A-23.51: Proclamation of emergency

17:9A-23.52: Powers of officers

17:9A-23.53: Notice to commissioner

17:9A-23.54: Immunity from liability

17:9A-23.55: Construction of act

17:9A-23.56: Regulations of commissioner

17:9A-23.57: Short title

17:9A-24: Powers of banks and savings banks

17:9A-24b1: Exercise of powers, rights, benefits, privileges

17:9A-24.1: Definitions

17:9A-24.2: Investment in bank service corporations

17:9A-24.3: Performance of services rendered by bank service corporations

17:9A-24.4: Regulations by commissioner; powers

17:9A-24.5: Conduct of other business by bank service corporation prohibited

17:9A-24.6: Receiving of bank services from other banking institution or other person

17:9A-24.7: Investments in stock of clearing corporations by qualified banks

17:9A-24.8: Powers conferred by act as in addition to other powers

17:9A-24.9: Additional powers of banks and savings banks

17:9A-24.10: "Loan"

17:9A-24.11: Interest rate or other compensation

17:9A-24.12: Additional investment authority of banks

17:9A-24.13: Regulations

17:9A-24.14: Bank loans authorized for business enterprises

17:9A-25: Additional powers of banks.

17:9A-25.1: Banks; retirement benefits for officers and employees

17:9A-25.2: Regulations authorizing loans not authorized by L.1948, c. 67; power of commissioner

17:9A-25.3: Preservation of dual banking system

17:9A-25.4: Banks defined

17:9A-25.5: Additional powers of banks

17:9A-26: Additional powers of savings banks

17:9A-27: Effect of exercise of certain powers; disclosure of information by commissioner

17:9A-27.2: Title insurance; safe deposit boxes; banks engaged in business before September 16, 1948

17:9A-27.3: Definitions

17:9A-27.4: Adoption of plan; scope of plan

17:9A-27.5: Provisions of plans

17:9A-27.6: Contributions

17:9A-27.7: Alteration and rescission of plan

17:9A-27.8: Methods of effecting plans

17:9A-27.9: Eligibility for retirement benefits

17:9A-27.10: Disposition of contributions of employee

17:9A-27.11: Disposition of contributions of employer

17:9A-27.12: Rights of creditors of bank

17:9A-27.15: Determination of eligibility for retirement

17:9A-27.16: Eligibility for retirement; permissive provisions

17:9A-27.17: Disposition of plans of predecessor bank

17:9A-27.18: Attachment and garnishment

17:9A-27.19: Delegation of administration of plan

17:9A-27.20: Continuance of payments

17:9A-27.21: Continuance of prior plans

17:9A-27.22: Approval of commissioner of adoption or alteration of plan

17:9A-27.23: Additional powers

17:9A-27.24: Retirement benefits not paid pursuant to plan

17:9A-27.25: Powers of commissioner

17:9A-27.26: Approval by commissioner

17:9A-27.27: Short title

17:9A-27.50: Stock option plan

17:9A-27.51: Filing copy of plan and certificate of adoption and approval

17:9A-27.52: Provision in certificate of incorporation for authorized but unissued shares of capital stock

17:9A-27.53: Certificate of bank; findings of commissioner; approval

17:9A-27.54: Short title

17:9A-28: Agency and fiduciary powers

17:9A-28.1: Broker-dealer as custodian

17:9A-28.2: Purchase for trust accounts of bonds, notes, or other obligations

17:9A-29: Appointment by court or officer of qualified bank as fiduciary

17:9A-30: Security prerequisite to action as fiduciary

17:9A-31: Security fund

17:9A-32: Recourse to security fund

17:9A-33: Transfer of investments heretofore deposited

17:9A-34: Proof of qualification and security

17:9A-35: Trust funds

17:9A-36: Definitions

17:9A-37: Participation in common trust fund

17:9A-37.1: Single common trust fund

17:9A-38: Effect of trust instruments

17:9A-39: Cash balances

17:9A-40: Participations; valuation; general provisions

17:9A-41: Powers and obligations of banks

17:9A-42: Compensation

17:9A-43: Powers of commissioner

17:9A-44: Taxability

17:9A-45: Creditors' claims

17:9A-46: Accounting

17:9A-47: Members of Federal Reserve System

17:9A-48: Nonmembers of Federal Reserve System

17:9A-49: Definitions

17:9A-50: Ascertainment of net profits

17:9A-51: Transfers to surplus

17:9A-52: Dividends on capital stock

17:9A-53: Scope of article; definitions; interest

17:9A-53.2: Definitions

17:9A-53.3: Educational loans, authorization

17:9A-53.4: Interest

17:9A-53.5: Limitations on amount of educational loan

17:9A-53.6: Limitation on duration of loan

17:9A-53.7: Security; prohibition; endorsers or guarantors

17:9A-53.8: Disbursement in more than one advance; principal amount of loan

17:9A-53.9: Repayment; terms and conditions

17:9A-53.10: Credit life and health insurance; authorization to provide

17:9A-53.11: Loans or extension of credit not subject to act

17:9A-54: Limitations and conditions

17:9A-55: Permissible provisions and actions

17:9A-56: Rebates on prepayment

17:9A-57: Statement on instrument

17:9A-58: Exempt transactions

17:9A-59: Penalty for violations

17:9A-59.1: Advance loans

17:9A-59.2: Written contract; necessity; effective date; contents

17:9A-59.3: Authorization as evidence of loan

17:9A-59.4: Statement to borrower; contents

17:9A-59.5: Periodic payments; amount; application

17:9A-59.6: Interest rate; insurance premiums; credit cards; annual fee

17:9A-59.7: Late charges

17:9A-59.8: Service charges

17:9A-59.10: Security

17:9A-59.11: Limitation upon liability to bank on advance loans

17:9A-59.12: Violation of limitations upon liability; penalty

17:9A-59.13: Collection of excess interest rates or unlawful taking of security; penalty

17:9A-59.14: Bank defined

17:9A-59.15: Effective date

17:9A-59.16: Guarantee of payment

17:9A-59.17: Short title

17:9A-59.25: Definitions

17:9A-59.26: Authority to make small business loans; terms and conditions; reliance upon representations

17:9A-59.27: Interest rate

17:9A-59.28: Note; amount; installment payments; repayment in advance; refund

17:9A-59.29: Limitation on loans

17:9A-59.30: Security for payment; costs and insurance

17:9A-59.31: Collection fee schedule

17:9A-59.32: Acceleration of maturity

17:9A-59.33: Unauthorized charges prohibited

17:9A-59.34: Use of proceeds for repayment of other loan

17:9A-59.35: Credit on precomputed interest charges; prepayment or acceleration; formula; prepayment on non-precomputed small business loan without penalty

17:9A-59.36: Statement that loan was made pursuant to small business loan act required

17:9A-59.37: Violation; penalty; civil action

17:9A-59.38: Application of act

17:9A-59.39: Short title

17:9A-59.40: Loan to depositor in amount of and guaranteed by deposit

17:9A-60: Definitions

17:9A-61: Unlimited liability

17:9A-62: Limitations on liability

17:9A-63: Exempt transactions

17:9A-63.1: Excess charge

17:9A-64.1: Origination, acquisition of mortgage loans by bank, savings bank

17:9A-70.1: Definitions

17:9A-70.2: Credit insurance on borrower

17:9A-71: Definitions

17:9A-71.1: Compliance of bank, savings bank with liability of directors, officers

17:9A-72: Prerequisites to incurring liability; amounts

17:9A-73: Overdrafts

17:9A-74: Exempt transactions

17:9A-75: Violations; penalties; liability

17:9A-76: By-laws; adoption

17:9A-77: By-laws; limitations on powers of directors

17:9A-78: By-laws; amendments; repeal; notice

17:9A-79: Annual meetings; notice

17:9A-79.1: Written consents

17:9A-80: Special meetings; call

17:9A-81: Stockholders' meetings; notice

17:9A-82: Special meetings; failure to issue call; action by commissioner

17:9A-83: Place and hour of meetings; adjournments

17:9A-84: List of stockholders

17:9A-85: Voting of treasury stock

17:9A-86: Voting of stock subject to pledge

17:9A-87: Voting of stock held by a corporation

17:9A-88: Voting of stock held by joint tenants or tenants in common

17:9A-89: Voting stock held by fiduciaries

17:9A-90: Voting in person or by proxy

17:9A-90.1: Voting trusts

17:9A-91: Quorum

17:9A-92: Judges of election

17:9A-93: Presiding officer and secretary of meeting

17:9A-94: Capital stock; voting rights

17:9A-95: Summary review of elections by Superior Court

17:9A-96: Record date

17:9A-97: Inspection of books and records

17:9A-98: Stock certificates; transfers of stock; facsimile signatures

17:9A-99: Preemptive rights of stockholders to purchase new stock

17:9A-100: Liability of stockholders

17:9A-101: Directors; number; method of determination

17:9A-102: Directors; classification; election; vacancies; tenure.

17:9A-103: Directors; stock ownership, oath

17:9A-104: Directors; disqualification

17:9A-105: Directors; quorum; actions

17:9A-106: Directors; compensation

17:9A-107: Chairman of board of directors

17:9A-108: Directors; executive committee

17:9A-109: Directors; qualified bank; trust committee

17:9A-110: Directors; other committees

17:9A-111: Officers; election; appointment; limitation

17:9A-112: Officers; tenure; removal

17:9A-113: Officers; vacancies

17:9A-115: Bonding of directors, officers, employees; temporary waiver

17:9A-116: Nature of amendments

17:9A-117: Procedure for amending certificate of incorporation

17:9A-117.1: Restated certificates

17:9A-118: Consolidation of amendments

17:9A-119: Increase in capital stock

17:9A-120: Assumption of fiduciary powers

17:9A-121: Decrease of capital stock

17:9A-122: Limitations

17:9A-123: Certificate as evidence

17:9A-124: Issuance

17:9A-125: Certificates of incorporation and of amendment and merger agreements; provisions

17:9A-126: Priorities; preferences; rights; limitations

17:9A-127: Dividends

17:9A-128: Priority on dissolution

17:9A-129: Consideration for preferred stock

17:9A-130: Retirement or conversion

17:9A-131: Application of article; limitation

17:9A-131.1: Borrowing money to retire preferred stock

17:9A-131.2: Debentures or capital notes

17:9A-131.3: Borrowing to be pursuant to act only

17:9A-131.20: Definitions.

17:9A-131.21: Issuance of convertible or nonconvertible capital notes by banks

17:9A-131.22: Capital notes issued for cash; limitation on conversion of convertible capital notes

17:9A-131.23: Unsecured indebtedness; claims subordinate to depositors and creditors; liquidation

17:9A-131.24: Nonconvertible capital notes; issuance pursuant to resolution

17:9A-131.25: Convertible capital notes; issuance pursuant to amendment of certificate of incorporation of issuing bank

17:9A-131.26: Sale of convertible capital notes

17:9A-131.27: Certificate stating amount of capital notes converted; filing

17:9A-131.28: Approval of issuance of capital notes by commissioner

17:9A-131.29: Inclusion of amount owing on capital notes in bank's capital funds

17:9A-131.30: Issuance of capital notes, debentures.

17:9A-131.31: Application of act

17:9A-131.32: Review

17:9A-131.33: Repeal in part

17:9A-132: Definitions

17:9A-133: What banks may merge; means of effectuation of merger

17:9A-133.1: Interstate merger transactions

17:9A-134: Merger agreement; authorization; contents

17:9A-135: Capital requirements

17:9A-136: Approval of agreement by commissioner; review

17:9A-137: Submission of agreement to stockholders; filing

17:9A-138: Merger agreement as evidence

17:9A-139: Corporate existence; offices; rights and obligations

17:9A-140: Rights of dissenting stockholders; settlement by agreement

17:9A-141: Appointment of appraisers

17:9A-142: Duties of appraisers; report; objections; compensation; vacancies

17:9A-143: Assignment of stock to bank

17:9A-144: Effect of stockholder's failure to act

17:9A-145: Obligation of bank to pay stockholder

17:9A-146: Action to enjoin merger

17:9A-147: Issuance of new stock certificates

17:9A-148: "Applicable federal law" defined; merger, consolidation of banks, national banking associations

17:9A-149: Prerequisites to conversion; definition of "applicable Federal law"

17:9A-150: Procedure

17:9A-151: Capital stock and surplus

17:9A-152: Effect of conversion

17:9A-153: Rights of dissenting stockholders

17:9A-154: Issuance of stock

17:9A-154.1: Conversion without approval of state officials; certificate required

17:9A-155: Procedure

17:9A-156: Effect

17:9A-157: Application of article

17:9A-158: Who may propose plan; approval or disapproval by commissioner

17:9A-159: Action for approval of plan

17:9A-160: Jurisdiction of Superior Court

17:9A-161: Provisions of plan of reorganization

17:9A-162: Approval of plan by the court

17:9A-163: Transmittal of plan and court approval to creditors and stockholders

17:9A-164: Acceptance or rejection of plan

17:9A-165: Provision for classes of creditors or stockholders not bound by plan

17:9A-166: Confirmation of plan

17:9A-167: Allowances for services, costs and expenses

17:9A-168: Consummation of plan

17:9A-169: Amendment of certificate of incorporation

17:9A-170: Modification of plan

17:9A-171: Effect of reorganization upon claims and property

17:9A-173: Limitation on actions

17:9A-174: Application of article

17:9A-175: Federal, State, county and municipal securities

17:9A-175.1: Obligations of Canadian government, provinces or cities

17:9A-175.2: Definitions

17:9A-175.3: Revenue bonds of governmental unit payable from revenues of utility operated by unit

17:9A-175.4: Restriction on investment by savings banks

17:9A-175.5: Construction of act

17:9A-177: Railroad bonds

17:9A-178: Public utility bonds and debentures

17:9A-179: Equipment obligations

17:9A-179.1: Limitations on investments in railroad obligations

17:9A-180: Industrial obligations

17:9A-180.1: Corporate interest bearing securities not otherwise eligible

17:9A-180.2: Limitations on investments in such corporate interest bearing securities

17:9A-180.3: Additional limitation on investments in such corporate interest bearing securities

17:9A-180.3a: Transfer of securities to other classes becoming eligible for investment; determination of limitations

17:9A-180.4: Classes of investments for fiduciaries or others not enlarged

17:9A-180.5: Investment in corporate stock

17:9A-180.6: Limitation on investment in corporate stock; exemptions

17:9A-180.7: Investment in stocks limited to certain percentage of surplus

17:9A-180.8: Regulations regarding investments in stocks

17:9A-180.9: "Surplus" defined

17:9A-180.10: Legal investments for fiduciaries and others not enlarged

17:9A-180.11: Investments in debentures of New York trust companies

17:9A-182: Loans on collateral security

17:9A-182.1: Regulations authorizing certain loans and investments; powers of commissioner

17:9A-182.2: Objective of regulations

17:9A-182.3: Investment in specified investment securities not otherwise authorized; regulations

17:9A-183: Legality of investments; retention of investments

17:9A-184: Deposits; maximum and minimum amounts

17:9A-185: Payment to depositors; regulations

17:9A-186: Interest and dividends

17:9A-187: Reserve balances

17:9A-188: Board of managers; number; qualifications; oath

17:9A-189: Board of managers; change in number

17:9A-190: By-laws; chairman of the board; committees

17:9A-191: Officers; tenure

17:9A-192: Officers and managers; removal

17:9A-193: Officers and managers; compensation

17:9A-194: Officers and managers; bonding

17:9A-195: Officers and managers; permitted loans

17:9A-196: Retirement benefits for officers and employees

17:9A-197: Amendments to certificate of incorporation; objects

17:9A-197.1: Savings bank official immunity

17:9A-198: Amendment procedure

17:9A-199: What savings banks may merge

17:9A-200: Merger agreement; authorization

17:9A-201: Adjustment of interests of depositors

17:9A-202: Surplus requirements

17:9A-203: Approval of agreement by commissioner; review

17:9A-204: Publication of notice of merger agreement; filing

17:9A-205: Corporate existence; offices; rights and obligations

17:9A-206: Certified copy of agreement; use as evidence; recording

17:9A-207: Dissolution; procedure

17:9A-208: Surplus; determination by savings bank

17:9A-209: Use of capital stock or surplus

17:9A-210: Write-up of assets; changes in reserves

17:9A-211: Liability secured by own stock

17:9A-212: Acquisition of own stock

17:9A-213: Limitations on exercise of powers.

17:9A-213.1: Limitation on powers of banks, savings banks.

17:9A-213.2: Violations of law, regulation by qualified corporation; penalty

17:9A-214: Violations; penalty

17:9A-215: Minors' deposit accounts

17:9A-219: Cofiduciaries' deposit accounts

17:9A-221: Authority of depositor's agent to indorse and deposit instruments after death or incompetency of the depositor

17:9A-222: Deposits of interstate bodies

17:9A-223: Adverse claim to deposits

17:9A-224: Postponement of deposit payments by commissioner

17:9A-224.1: Savings account promotions conducted by bank.

17:9A-229.6: Notice of death of resident depositor; fee or service charge

17:9A-247: Banking records

17:9A-248: Fiduciary and agency records

17:9A-250: Action against directors, managers, officers or employees; indemnification

17:9A-251: Perpetual existence for banks and savings banks heretofore or hereafter organized

17:9A-252: Definitions

17:9A-253: Examinations of a bank by a public accountant or other qualified person

17:9A-254: Report on examination; statement by directors; filing

17:9A-255: Extensions of time by commissioner

17:9A-256: Reports to commissioner; violations, penalties.

17:9A-258: Report of assets, liability; availability

17:9A-260: Examination of banks by commissioner

17:9A-261: Enforcement of subpoena

17:9A-262: False testimony; perjury

17:9A-263: Immunity of person testifying

17:9A-264: Examinations confidential; subpoenas

17:9A-265: Valuations of assets by commissioner

17:9A-266: Definitions

17:9A-267: Commissioner's powers on ultra vires, unlawful and unsafe practices; review

17:9A-268: Penalty for failure to comply with commissioner's order

17:9A-269: Possession by the commissioner; causes; purposes; return

17:9A-271: Effect of possession by commissioner on liens; possession as a stay

17:9A-272: Powers of commissioner

17:9A-273: Jurisdiction of Superior Court

17:9A-274: Proceeds of liquidation; deposits; preference

17:9A-275: Employees and assistants of commissioner; counsel

17:9A-276: Compensation of employees, assistants, and counsel

17:9A-277: Accounting by commissioner; notice to creditors

17:9A-279: Judgment on accounting

17:9A-280: Notice to creditors to present claims; publication; claims barred

17:9A-281: Verification of deposit balances

17:9A-282: Rejection of claims by commissioner; actions

17:9A-283: Objections to allowance of claims by commissioner

17:9A-284: Distribution

17:9A-285: Corporate dissolution

17:9A-286: Unclaimed funds; publication; disposition

17:9A-287: Unclaimed funds held under prior law

17:9A-288: Unclaimed funds; costs

17:9A-289: Unclaimed funds; escheat

17:9A-290: Demand by commissioner for removal of property and contents of safe deposit boxes

17:9A-291: Inventory and storage of property not removed

17:9A-292: Delivery of property to claimants

17:9A-293: Sale of unclaimed property

17:9A-294: Notice of auction

17:9A-295: Disposition of unsold property

17:9A-296: Liability of third person

17:9A-297: Other remedies

17:9A-298: Application of article to property held under prior law

17:9A-299: Determination whether commissioner or agent shall wind up affairs

17:9A-300: Election of agents; powers; vacancies

17:9A-301: Continuance of liquidation by commissioner

17:9A-302: Liability of commissioner

17:9A-303: Refusal or failure of commissioner to take possession; jurisdiction of the Superior Court; appointment of receiver

17:9A-304: Acceptance of loans from federal government

17:9A-305: Continuance of banking advisory board

17:9A-306: Members; qualifications

17:9A-307: Term of office; removal; vacancies

17:9A-308: Expenses of members

17:9A-309: Meetings; quorum

17:9A-310: Secretary; appointment, qualifications and duties

17:9A-311: Powers of the banking advisory board

17:9A-312: Access to departmental records; information confidential

17:9A-313: Liability of members

17:9A-314: Report to Governor

17:9A-316: Limitations on transaction of business by foreign banks in this State

17:9A-316.1: Merger or consolidation, foreign bank acting as fiduciary as successor to party to

17:9A-316.2: Validation of fiduciary acts by foreign banks resulting from merger or consolidation

17:9A-316.3: Investment in common trust funds by foreign bank under certain circumstances

17:9A-317: Qualification of foreign bank as fiduciary

17:9A-318: Application for certificate of authority

17:9A-319: Issuance, denial of certificate of authority

17:9A-322: Certificate of authority to continue in force

17:9A-325: Additional statements by and examinations of foreign banks

17:9A-326: Certificate of authority; revocation

17:9A-327: Procedure on revocation

17:9A-328: Review of commissioner's refusal to issue a certificate or his revocation of a certificate

17:9A-329: Surrender of certificate of authority

17:9A-330: Violations; disabilities; penalties

17:9A-331: Exempt transactions

17:9A-332: Sale of real property by foreign banks in the possession of an administrative or court officer

17:9A-333: Department of Banking fees

17:9A-334: Fees payable by foreign banks.

17:9A-335: Costs of examination of a bank, savings bank or foreign bank

17:9A-336: Repeal of prior law

17:9A-337: Reference to Revised Statutes and New Jersey Statutes

17:9A-338: Applicability of Title 14A of the New Jersey Statutes

17:9A-339: Prior lawful acts not affected

17:9A-340: Separability of provisions

17:9A-341: Headnotes not part of act

17:9A-342: Short title

17:9A-343: Effective date of act

17:9A-355: Definitions

17:9A-356: Bank shares; acquisition by corporations

17:9A-357: Plan of acquisition

17:9A-358: Approval of plan of acquisition by commissioner; review

17:9A-359: Submission of plan to stockholders; filing

17:9A-360: Notice of dissent; "dissenting stockholder" defined

17:9A-361: Valuation date of fair value

17:9A-362: Termination of right of stockholder to be paid the fair value of his shares

17:9A-363: Rights of dissenting stockholder

17:9A-364: Determination of fair value by agreement

17:9A-365: Procedure on failure to agree upon fair value; commencement of action to determine fair value

17:9A-366: Action to determine fair value; jurisdiction of court; appointment of appraiser

17:9A-367: Judgment in action to determine fair value

17:9A-368: Costs and expenses of action

17:9A-369: Disposition of shares

17:9A-382: Definitions

17:9A-383: Prior approval

17:9A-384: Application; hearing

17:9A-385: Factors for consideration

17:9A-386: Voter ineligibility; registration

17:9A-387: Violations, penalties

17:9A-388: Formation of mutual savings bank holding company

17:9A-389: Certificate of incorporation

17:9A-390: Approval of charter

17:9A-391: General powers

17:9A-392: Board of directors

17:9A-393: Bylaws; executive committee

17:9A-394: Election of officers

17:9A-395: Distribution of surplus

17:9A-396: Retention of interests in assets

17:9A-397: Incorporation of subsidiary bank

17:9A-398: Submission of certificate of incorporation

17:9A-399: Approval of charter

17:9A-400: Bylaws of subsidiary

17:9A-401: Meetings for actions on bylaws

17:9A-402: Amendment of certificate of incorporation

17:9A-403: Governance of operations

17:9A-404: Declaration of dividends

17:9A-405: Other powers, rights, privileges

17:9A-406: Merger; consolidation

17:9A-407: Conversion to capital stock savings bank

17:9A-408: Amended certificate of incorporation

17:9A-409: Definitions relative to acquisitions

17:9A-410: Acquisition of New Jersey bank, bank holding company

17:9A-411: Approval of commissioner required for acquisition of New Jersey bank holding company, bank

17:9A-412: Procedure for acquisition

17:9A-413: Approval of application for proposed acquisition

17:9A-414: Approval of acquisition

17:9A-415: Submission of report to commissioner; violations; penalty.

17:9A-416: Enforcement of C.17:9A-409 through C.17:9A-417

17:9A-417: Powers of commissioner relative to C.17:9A-409 through C.17:9A-417

17:9A-418: Law, definitions, standards applicable to foreign banks

17:9A-419: Definitions relative to foreign banks

17:9A-420: Foreign bank offices; division into classes, ranking

17:9A-421: Fees relative to foreign banks

17:9A-422: Application procedure

17:9A-423: "Act" defined, commissioner's findings relative to application

17:9A-424: Reports filed by foreign bank, commercial lending company

17:9A-425: Books, accounts, records of foreign bank, commercial lending company

17:9A-426: Prohibition on concurrent establishment of federal and State branch office

17:9A-427: Opening, maintenance of offices

17:9A-428: Requirement that commissioner be appointed as attorney to receive service of process; service

17:9A-429: License not transferable, assignable

17:9A-430: Posting of license

17:9A-431: Popular name assigned to foreign bank, commercial lending company

17:9A-432: Designation of primary office

17:9A-433: Conduct of business in single building, adjoining buildings; exceptions

17:9A-434: Examination of licensed office.

17:9A-435: Compliance with applicable interest rate limitations

17:9A-436: License required for establishment of representative office

17:9A-437: Approval for foreign bank to establish representative office

17:9A-438: Approval for relocation of representative office of foreign bank

17:9A-439: Restrictions upon representative office

17:9A-440: Approval for closing representative office of foreign bank

17:9A-441: Existing office granted license

17:9A-442: Transaction of business limited to licensed agency, branch office

17:9A-443: Approval, license required for establishment of agency, branch office of foreign bank

17:9A-444: Approval for relocation of agency, branch office of foreign bank

17:9A-445: Transaction of business by foreign bank at agency or branch office

17:9A-446: Report of condition, income

17:9A-447: Notice of noninsurance of deposits

17:9A-448: Compliance with regulations by foreign bank

17:9A-449: Assets kept separate, apart; priority of creditors

17:9A-450: Definitions of adjusted liabilities and eligible assets relative to foreign banks

17:9A-451: Definitions of adjusted liabilities, eligible assets relative to agency or branch offices

17:9A-452: Approval required for closing of office of foreign bank

17:9A-453: Transaction of business by commercial lending company

17:9A-454: Approval for establishment of office of foreign bank, commercial lending company

17:9A-455: Relocation of commercial lending company

17:9A-456: Commercial lending company, functions permitted

17:9A-457: Approval for commercial lending company to close office

17:9A-458: Powers of commercial lending company limited

17:9A-459: Granting of right to operate as commercial lending company

17:9A-460: Voluntary surrender of license

17:9A-461: Violations, penalties

17:9A-462: Suspension, revocation of license of bank, commercial lending company

17:9A-463: Issuance of order suspending, revoking license of bank, commercial lending company, hearing

17:9A-464: Surrender of suspended, revoked license

17:9A-465: Application to modify, rescind order

17:9A-466: Possession of property, business of bank by commissioner

17:9A-467: Rules, regulations, orders