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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 18A -

18a:18A-1: Short title; citation

18a:18A-2: Definitions.

18a:18A-3: Bid threshold.

18a:18A-3.1: Private driver education schools

18a:18A-3.2: Group legal insurance.

18a:18A-3.3: Payment of premiums

18a:18A-3.4: Employment payment for retirees

18a:18A-4: Contract awarded by board of education resolution; disqualification conditions

18a:18A-4.1: Use of competitive contracting by boards of education; purposes.

18a:18A-4.2: Five-year contract term limit; exceptions.

18a:18A-4.3: Competitive contracting initiated by board of education resolution; process administration.

18a:18A-4.4: Request for proposals; documentation; provisions.

18a:18A-4.5: Competitive contracting proposal solicitation.

18a:18A-4.6: Implementation of energy savings improvements program by board of education; definitions.

18a:18A-5: Exceptions to requirement for advertising.

18a:18A-6: Standards for purchase of fresh milk; penalties; rules and regulations

18a:18A-7: Emergency contracts.

18a:18A-8: Contracts not to be divided.

18a:18A-8.1: Rules.

18a:18A-9: Periodic solicitation of bids.

18a:18A-10: Board of education purchases through State agency; procedure.

18a:18A-10.1: Payment of interest by board of education; definitions.

18a:18A-11: Joint purchases by districts, municipalities, counties; authority.

18a:18A-12: Contents of agreement.

18a:18A-13: Purchases and contracts subject to law and rules and regulations.

18a:18A-14: Controversies or disputes; determination; appeal.

18a:18A-14.1: Electronic data processing defined

18a:18A-14.2: Contract or lease for electronic data processing for another school district; combination of records and information

18a:18A-14.3: Contract or lease; contents

18a:18A-14.4: Party to contract as agent

18a:18A-15: Specifications generally.

18a:18A-15.1: Payment from bequest, legacy or gift; conditions.

18a:18A-16: Preparation and approval of plans and specifications for public schoolhouses

18a:18A-16.1: Regulation, policy adoption, restriction

18a:18A-17: Facilities for handicapped persons

18a:18A-17.1: Commissioner of Education authorized to withhold State aid

18a:18A-18: Preparation of separate plans, specifications for certain construction work, goods and services; bidding; awarding of contracts.

18a:18A-19: Number of working days specified

18a:18A-20: American goods and products to be used where possible.

18a:18A-21: Advertisement for bids; bids; general requirements; notice of revisions.

18a:18A-22: Rejection of bids.

18a:18A-23: Certificate of bidder showing ability to perform contract

18a:18A-24: Security to accompany bid; amount.

18a:18A-25: Guarantee certificate.

18a:18A-26: Classification of bidders as requisite to bidding

18a:18A-26.1: Board of education may use electronic procurement processes.

18a:18A-27: Regulations for qualifications of prospective bidders.

18a:18A-27.1: Prequalification of certain persons performing school construction management services.

18a:18A-28: Application for classification; fee

18a:18A-29: Classification by classes; notice to applicants

18a:18A-30: Appeal from determination as to classification; hearings; change

18a:18A-31: Change in classification as affecting bids; review and reconsideration of classification

18a:18A-32: Bidders not submitting statements within one year ineligible to bid; affidavit of no change in status to accompany bid; reports as to performance, etc

18a:18A-33: Penalties for false statements

18a:18A-36: Time for making awards, deposits returned.

18a:18A-37: Award of purchases, contracts or agreements.

18a:18A-40: Form and execution of contracts and bonds.

18a:18A-40.1: Partial payments.

18a:18A-40.2: Withholding, deposit of negotiable bearer bonds, notes

18a:18A-40.3: Withholding of partial payments.

18a:18A-41: Liquidated damages; void provisions as to contractor's remedies

18a:18A-42: Multiyear contracts.

18a:18A-42.2: Report to board on school district contracts.

18a:18A-43: Supervision of school building repairs

18a:18A-44: Inspection, condemnation and rejection of work and materials.

18a:18A-45: Manner and method of sale.

18a:18A-46: No action for damages for action by officials

18a:18A-46.1: Limitation on withholding of State funds from school districts for certain violations of public school contracts law.

18a:18A-47: Indemnity agreement with the United States, etc.

18a:18A-48: Contracts, etc.; validated and confirmed

18a:18A-49: Approval required for school building

18a:18A-49.1: Transportation of pupils to and from schools

18a:18A-49.2: Rules.

18a:18A-49.3: Contract for taking yearbook pictures, use of other photographers' photos permitted.

18a:18A-49.4: Civil action brought on behalf of board of education.

18a:18A-50: Statutes repealed

18a:18A-51: Definitions

18a:18A-52: Set-aside programs

18a:18A-53: Attainment of goals

18a:18A-54: "Public School Contracts Law" applicable

18a:18A-55: Designation of contracts

18a:18A-56: Withdrawal of designation

18a:18A-57: Annual report

18a:18A-58: Rules, regulations

18a:18A-59: False information; penalties

18a:18A-60: Definitions relative to school district partnership with private entities.

18a:18A-61: Definitions.

18a:18A-62: Entry into design-build contracts permitted.

18a:18A-63: Procedures for awarding design-build contracts.

18a:18A-64: Evaluation factors contained in proposals.

18a:18A-65: Inclusions in solicitations for design-build contracts.

18a:18A-66: Inclusions on design-build team.

18a:18A-67: Submission of received proposals.

18a:18A-68: Regulations.