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Title: 18A - EDUCATION

Chapter: 36A -

18a:36A-1: Short title

18a:36A-2: Findings, declarations relative to establishment of charter schools

18a:36A-3: Charter school program established

18a:36A-4: Establishment of charter school.

18a:36A-4.1: Conversion to charter school by certain nonpublic schools.

18a:36A-5: Application for charter school

18a:36A-6: Powers of charter school

18a:36A-7: Student admissions to charter school

18a:36A-8: Enrollment preference

18a:36A-9: Withdrawal, expulsion from charter school

18a:36A-10: Location of charter school.

18a:36A-11: Operation of charter school.

18a:36A-11.1: Requirements for member of board of trustees of a charter school.

18a:36A-12: Per pupil payments to charter schools.

18a:36A-13: Transportation for students

18a:36A-14: Authority of board of trustees; employees

18a:36A-15: Complaints to board of trustees

18a:36A-16: Annual assessment, review of charter schools, independent study, report, recommendations.

18a:36A-17: Granting, renewal of charter

18a:36A-17.1: Commissioner's actions relative to possible loss, not granting of charter.

18a:36A-18: Rules, regulations